Functional Microconnectomes

 Somatosensory Pain
 Somatosensory Barrels
 Spinal Cord
 Neocortical systems
 Basal Ganglia

Functional Properties

Membrane properties
 Ionic currents
 Molecular markers
External Links
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 Pathology: ?
Computational Models
 Neurons: ModelDB
 Microcircuits: MicrocircuitDB
 Modelling software: NEURON

A main challenge to modern neuroscience is to integrate neuroscience data to reveal principles of nervous organization and function. A current paradigm for this purpose is the connectome, consisting of all the connections between neurons. A vital step is to build in the functional properties of the connections.

FunctionalConnectomesDB provides these properties, directly within the database and by links to related databases. It serves as a central node for integrating experimental data and computational models to build the functioning neural circuits that underlie behavior.