Circuits that contain the Cell : Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron

(Low threshold spiking cells are triggered into firing action potentials by small depolarizations (for example 5-10 millivolts) above resting potential.)
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1. A multilayer cortical model to study seizure propagation across microdomains (Basu et al. 2015)
2. A single column thalamocortical network model (Traub et al 2005)
3. Alpha rhythm in vitro visual cortex (Traub et al 2020)
4. Ca+/HCN channel-dependent persistent activity in multiscale model of neocortex (Neymotin et al 2016)
5. Collection of simulated data from a thalamocortical network model (Glabska, Chintaluri, Wojcik 2017)
6. Composite spiking network/neural field model of Parkinsons (Kerr et al 2013)
7. Computational Surgery (Lytton et al. 2011)
8. Cortical model with reinforcement learning drives realistic virtual arm (Dura-Bernal et al 2015)
9. Dynamic cortical interlaminar interactions (Carracedo et al. 2013)
10. Electrodecrements in in vitro model of infantile spasms (Traub et al 2020)
11. Electrostimulation to reduce synaptic scaling driven progression of Alzheimers (Rowan et al. 2014)
12. Engaging distinct oscillatory neocortical circuits (Vierling-Claassen et al. 2010)
13. Large scale neocortical model for PGENESIS (Crone et al 2019)
14. Large-scale model of neocortical slice in vitro exhibiting persistent gamma (Tomsett et al. 2014)
15. Motor cortex microcircuit simulation based on brain activity mapping (Chadderdon et al. 2014)
16. Multitarget pharmacology for Dystonia in M1 (Neymotin et al 2016)
17. Parametric computation and persistent gamma in a cortical model (Chambers et al. 2012)
18. Pyramidal neuron, fast, regular, and irregular spiking interneurons (Konstantoudaki et al 2014)
19. Rate model of a cortical RS-FS-LTS network (Hayut et al. 2011)
20. Reinforcement learning of targeted movement (Chadderdon et al. 2012)
21. Sensorimotor cortex reinforcement learning of 2-joint virtual arm reaching (Neymotin et al. 2013)
22. Synaptic information transfer in computer models of neocortical columns (Neymotin et al. 2010)
23. Synaptic scaling balances learning in a spiking model of neocortex (Rowan & Neymotin 2013)
24. Systematic integration of data into multi-scale models of mouse primary V1 (Billeh et al 2020)
25. The origin of different spike and wave-like events (Hall et al 2017)
26. Unbalanced peptidergic inhibition in superficial cortex underlies seizure activity (Hall et al 2015)

Re-display model names with descriptions