Circuits that contain the Model Concept : Homeostasis

(Cellular mechanisms where the activity of a cell is maintained, e.g. the electrical activity of a cell is maintained by the insertion and removal or activation and inactivation (through phosphorylation or other means) of intrinsic currents and synaptic receptors.)
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1. Computing with neural synchrony (Brette 2012)
2. Dentate gyrus network model pattern separation and granule cell scaling in epilepsy (Yim et al 2015)
3. Diffusive homeostasis in a spiking network model (Sweeney et al. 2015)
4. Electrostimulation to reduce synaptic scaling driven progression of Alzheimers (Rowan et al. 2014)
5. Functional balanced networks with synaptic plasticity (Sadeh et al, 2015)
6. Homeostatic mechanisms may shape oscillatory modulations (Peterson & Voytek 2020)
7. Lobster STG pyloric network model with calcium sensor (Gunay & Prinz 2010) (Prinz et al. 2004)
8. Mechanisms for stable, robust, and adaptive development of orientation maps (Stevens et al. 2013)
9. Modeling hebbian and homeostatic plasticity (Toyoizumi et al. 2014)
10. Subiculum network model with dynamic chloride/potassium homeostasis (Buchin et al 2016)
11. Synaptic scaling balances learning in a spiking model of neocortex (Rowan & Neymotin 2013)

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