Circuits that contain the Cell : Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron

(The adaptive exponential integrate and fire neuron (AdEx) was introduced in Brette R, Gerstner W (2005) )
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1. A detailed data-driven network model of prefrontal cortex (Hass et al 2016)
2. A spatial model of the intermediate superior colliculus (Moren et. al. 2013)
3. Asynchronous irregular and up/down states in excitatory and inhibitory NNs (Destexhe 2009)
4. Dentate Gyrus model including Granule cells with dendritic compartments (Chavlis et al 2017)
5. Input strength and time-varying oscillation peak frequency (Cohen MX 2014)
6. Large-scale model of neocortical slice in vitro exhibiting persistent gamma (Tomsett et al. 2014)
7. Linking dynamics of the inhibitory network to the input structure (Komarov & Bazhenov 2016)
8. Mean Field Equations for Two-Dimensional Integrate and Fire Models (Nicola and Campbell, 2013)
9. Mesoscopic dynamics from AdEx recurrent networks (Zerlaut et al., JCNS 2017)
10. Network bursts in cultured NN result from different adaptive mechanisms (Masquelier & Deco 2013)
11. Neuron-based control mechanisms for a robotic arm and hand (Singh et al 2017)
12. Oscillations emerging from noise-driven NNs (Tchumatchenko & Clopath 2014)
13. Synaptic scaling balances learning in a spiking model of neocortex (Rowan & Neymotin 2013)
14. Vibration-sensitive Honeybee interneurons (Ai et al 2017)

Re-display model names with descriptions