Circuits that contain the Cell : Neocortex layer 5 interneuron

Re-display model names with descriptions
1. A multilayer cortical model to study seizure propagation across microdomains (Basu et al. 2015)
2. A neural mass model for critical assessment of brain connectivity (Ursino et al 2020)
3. Ca+/HCN channel-dependent persistent activity in multiscale model of neocortex (Neymotin et al 2016)
4. Large scale neocortical model for PGENESIS (Crone et al 2019)
5. Multitarget pharmacology for Dystonia in M1 (Neymotin et al 2016)
6. Neural Mass Model for relationship between Brain Rhythms + Functional Connectivity (Ricci et al '21)
7. Systematic integration of data into multi-scale models of mouse primary V1 (Billeh et al 2020)

Re-display model names with descriptions