Circuits that contain the Model Concept : Action Potential Initiation

(The spatial pattern or sequence of ion channel and/or receptor activation that precedes an action potential.)
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1. Competition for AP initiation sites in a circuit controlling simple learning (Cruz et al. 2007)
2. Dentate Gyrus Feed-forward inhibition (Ferrante et al. 2009)
3. Leech Heart (HE) Motor Neuron conductances contributions to NN activity (Lamb & Calabrese 2013)
4. Olfactory bulb cluster formation (Migliore et al. 2010)
5. Parallel odor processing by mitral and middle tufted cells in the OB (Cavarretta et al 2016, 2018)
6. Purkinje neuron network (Zang et al. 2020)
7. Spiking GridPlaceMap model (Pilly & Grossberg, PLoS One, 2013)
8. Synaptic gating at axonal branches, and sharp-wave ripples with replay (Vladimirov et al. 2013)
9. Thalamic network model of deep brain stimulation in essential tremor (Birdno et al. 2012)

Re-display model names with descriptions