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(Systems Biology Markup Language (<a href="">SBML</a>), Cell Markup Language (<a href="">CellML</a>), and XML for computational neurosicence (<a href="">NeuroML</a>) are specifications for storing biological mathematical models in XML.)
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1. Event-related simulation of neural processing in complex visual scenes (Mihalas et al. 2011)
"... We here present an environment for the implementation of large networks of generalized integrate-and-fire neurons which uses an asynchronous event-based algorithm. ... The neuronal network to be simulated and all parameters are defined in extendible markup language. A model of the primate early visual system is implemented. The use of the tool is illustrated by simulating the processing of both simple and complex visual scenes through retina, thalamus and primary visual cortex."
2. Spikes,synchrony,and attentive learning by laminar thalamocort. circuits (Grossberg & Versace 2007)
"... The model hereby clarifies, for the first time, how the following levels of brain organization coexist to realize cognitive processing properties that regulate fast learning and stable memory of brain representations: single cell properties, such as spiking dynamics, spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP), and acetylcholine modulation; detailed laminar thalamic and cortical circuit designs and their interactions; aggregate cell recordings, such as current-source densities and local field potentials; and single cell and large-scale inter-areal oscillations in the gamma and beta frequency domains. ..."

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