Circuits that contain the Model Concept : Place cell/field

(Pyramidal cells found in the hippocampus and then later in the entorhinal cortex that fire when an animal is in particular location. Place fields refer to the regions these cells fire in, usually preferentially in a velocity direction dependent manner.)
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1. Biologically-plausible models for spatial navigation (Cannon et al 2003)
2. CA1 network model for place cell dynamics (Turi et al 2019)
3. CA1 pyr cell: Inhibitory modulation of spatial selectivity+phase precession (Grienberger et al 2017)
4. Decoding movement trajectory from simulated grid cell population activity (Bush & Burgess 2019)
5. Explainable AI for spatial navigation based on hippocampal circuitry (Coppolino + Migliore 2023)
6. Grid cells from place cells (Castro & Aguiar, 2014)
7. Interplay between somatic and dendritic inhibition promotes place fields (Pedrosa & Clopath 2020)
8. Modular grid cell responses as a basis for hippocampal remapping (Monaco and Abbott 2011)
9. Noise promotes independent control of gamma oscillations and grid firing (Solanka et al 2015)
10. Odor supported place cell model and goal navigation in rodents (Kulvicius et al. 2008)
11. Phase precession through acceleration of local theta rhythm (Castro & Aguiar 2011)
12. Place and grid cells in a loop (Rennó-Costa & Tort 2017)
13. Sensory feedback in an oscillatory interference model of place cell activity (Monaco et al. 2011)
14. Single Trial Sequence learning: a spiking neurons model based on hippocampus (Coppolino et al 2021)
15. Spiking GridPlaceMap model (Pilly & Grossberg, PLoS One, 2013)
16. Synaptic gating at axonal branches, and sharp-wave ripples with replay (Vladimirov et al. 2013)

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