Automated metadata suggester (McDougal et al 2018)

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This code provides an abstract processing method that predicts keywords for model entries in ModelDB.
1 . McDougal RA, Dalal I, Morse TM, Shepherd GM (2019) Automated Metadata Suggestion During Repository Submission. Neuroinformatics 17(3):361-371 [PubMed]
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Model Type:
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: Python;
Model Concept(s): Methods;
Implementer(s): McDougal, Robert [robert.mcdougal at];
    "a type k": ["I A"],
    "acetylcholine": ["Acetylcholine"],
    "action potential (generation|initiation|(is|was) initiated)": ["Action Potential Initiation"],
    "active dendrit(e|es|ic)": ["Active Dendrites"],
    "alzheimers?": ["Aging/Alzheimer`s"],
    "an a type": ["I A"],
    "arteriol(ar|e|es)": ["Arteriolar network"],
    "atrial": ["Cardiac atrial cell", "Heart cell"],
    "atrial fibrillation": ["Heart disease"],
    "auditory brainstem": ["Auditory brainstem"],
    "auditory cortex": ["Auditory cortex"],
    "auditory nerves?": ["Auditory nerve"],
    "axon hillock": ["Action Potentials", "Action Potential Initiation"],
    "axon initial segment": ["Action Potentials", "Action Potential Initiation"],
    "back ?propagat(e|ed|ing|ion)": ["Dendritic Action Potentials", "Active Dendrites"],
    "basal ganglia": ["Basal ganglia"],
    "basket cells?$ca1": ["Hippocampus CA1 basket cell"],
    "basket cells?$ca3": ["Hippocampus CA3 basket cell"],
    "basket cells?$dentate gyrus": ["Dentate gyrus basket cell"],
    "basket cells?$neocort(ex|ical)": ["Neocortex interneuron basket cell"],
    "brainstem (motor?)neurone?s?": ["Brainstem neuron", "Brainstem"],
    "brainstem|spinal cord$lamprey": ["Lamprey, Spinal cord, Brainstem", "Brainstem"],
    "branch point": ["Detailed Neuronal Models", "Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "brownian motion": ["Reaction-diffusion"],
    "burst(s?|ing)": ["Bursting"],
    "ca na and k currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "ca k and na currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) (activated|activation of|dependent) (k|potassium)": ["I K,Ca", "I Potassium"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) (channels?|conductances?|currents?)": ["I Calcium"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) l": ["I Calcium", "I L high threshold"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) n": ["I Calcium", "I N"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) dynamics": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) (nernst|equilibrium|reversal) potential": ["I Calcium"],
    "(ca2?|calcium) hypothesis": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "ca1$pyramidal": ["Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal cell"],
    "calyx of held": ["Glutamate"],
    "cardiac": ["Heart cell"],
    "(central pattern generator|cpg)s?": ["Activity Patterns", "Temporal Pattern Generation", "Oscillations"],
    "cerebell(ar|um)": ["Cerebellum"],
    "(chloride|cl) (nernst|equilibrium|reversal) potential": ["I Chloride"],
    "circadian": ["Activity Patterns", "Temporal Pattern Generation", "Oscillations", "Circadian Rhythms"],
    "clonazepam": ["Gaba", "GabaA"],
    "cochlear?$hair cell": ["Cochlea hair cell (auditory)"],
    "cochlear nucleus$bushy (cells?|neurons?)": ["Cochlear nucleus bushy cell"],
    "ventral cochlear nucleus$(stellate|chopper) (cells?neurons?)": ["Ventral cochlear nucleus T stellate (chopper) neuron"],
    "cochlear nucleus$(pyramidal|fusiform) (cells?|neurons?)": ["Cochlear nucleus pyramidal (fusiform) cell"],
    "coincidence detect(ion|or|ors)": ["Coincidence Detection"],
    "(multi)?compartmental models?": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "(cortico)?thalamic": ["Thalamus"],
    "(channel|current|conductance)s? ia": ["I Potassium", "I A"],
    "(channel|current|conductance)s? ih": ["I h"],
    "d type (k|potassium)": ["I_KD", "I Potassium"],
    "d2 (dopamine )?receptor": ["D2", "Dopamine", "D2 DRD2"],
    "delayed rectifier": ["I Potassium", "I K"],
    "demyelinated?": ["Multiple sclerosis"],
    "dendritic action potentials?": ["Detailed Neuronal Models", "Active Dendrites", "Dendritic Action Potentials"],
    "dendritic active properties": ["Active Dendrites"],
    "dendritic geometr(ies|y)": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "dendritic morpholog(ies|y)": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "dendritic tree": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "dendritically initiated action potentials": ["Dendritic Action Potentials"],
    "dendrodendritic": ["Olfactory bulb"],
    "dendrotoxin": ["I Potassium"],
    "dentate gyrus": ["Dentate gyrus"],
    "dentate gyrus granule": ["Dentate gyrus granule cell"],
    "depression of synaptic": ["Depression"],
    "desynchronized": ["Synchronization"],
    "detailed (biophysical |compartmental )?models?": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "detailed conductance based": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "development(al)?": ["Development"],
    "different dendritic morphologies": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "diffus(e|ion)": ["Reaction-diffusion"],
    "discharge pattern?": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "dlpfc": ["Prefrontal cortex (PFC)"],
    "dopamine(rgic)?": ["Dopamine"],
    "dopamine(rgic)? receptor": ["Dopaminergic Receptor"],
    "during development": ["Development"],
    "electroton(ic|us)": ["Electrotonus"],
    "epileptogenesis": ["Epilepsy"],
    "ephaptic (coupling|interactions?)": ["Ephaptic coupling"],
    "facilitation of transmi(ssion|tter)": ["Facilitation"],
    "firing patterns?": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "fitting (a |the )?model": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "functional anatomy": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "gaba(ergic)?": ["Gaba"],
    "gaba ?a": ["GabaA"],
    "gaba ?b": ["GabaB"],
    "gamma aminobutyric acid": ["Gaba"],
    "gamma aminobutyric acid a": ["GabaA", "Glycine"],
    "gamma aminobutyric acid b": ["GabaB"],
    "gamma (band|frequency)": ["Activity Patterns", "Temporal Pattern Generation"],
    "gap junctions": ["Gap junctions"],
    "genesis simulator": ["GENESIS"],
    "geniculate nucleus$interneurone?s?": ["Thalamus lateral geniculate nucleus interneuron"],
    "gk": ["I Potassium"],
    "gk ca": ["I Potassium", "I K,Ca"],
    "g ?na": ["I Sodium"],
    "glutamate(rgic)?": ["Glutamate"],
    "golgi cells?": ["Cerebellum"],
    "h (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I h"],
    "hippocamp(al|us)": ["Hippocampus"],
    "i ?a": ["I A", "I Potassium"],
    "iberiotoxin": ["I Potassium"],
    "ibtx": ["I Potassium"],
    "i ?ca": ["I Calcium"],
    "i ?dk": ["I Potassium"],
    "i ?dr": ["I Potassium"],
    "i ?kd": ["I Potassium", "I_KD"],
    "i ?kx": ["I Potassium"],
    "i ?na": ["I Sodium"],
    "i ?k ?a": ["I Potassium", "I A"],
    "ik ?ca": ["I Potassium", "I K,Ca"],
    "inferior colliculus": ["Inferior Colliculus"],
    "initial segments?": ["Axonal Action Potentials"],
    "initiation sites?": ["Action Potential Initiation"],
    "intrathalamic": ["Thalamus"],
    "integrate and fire": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron"],
    "intracellular (ca2?|calcium)": ["I Calcium"],
    "(k|potassium) (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I Potassium"],
    "(k|potassium) (nernst|equilibrium|reversal) potential": ["I Potassium"],
    "k na and ca currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "k ca and na currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "ka": ["I A", "I Potassium"],
    "kahp": ["I_AHP", "I Potassium"],
    "kca": ["I K,Ca", "I Potassium"],
    "kdr": ["I Potassium", "I K"],
    "km (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I M", "I Potassium"],
    "l (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I L high threshold"],
    "l type": ["I L high threshold"],
    "l(5|6)(a|b)? (neocort(ex|ical) )?pyramidal": ["Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell"],
    "lacunosum moleculare": ["Hippocampus"],
    "large scale simulations?": ["Network"],
    "lateral geniculate nucleus|lgn": ["Thalamus"],
    "(lateral geniculate nucleus|lgn) neuro(n|nes|ns|ne)": ["Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron"],
    "layer (2|3|2 3|ii|iii|ii iii) pyramidal": ["Neocortex layer 2-3 pyramidal cell"],
    "layer (5|6|5 6|v|vi|v vi) (neocortical )?pyramidal": ["Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell"],
    "leech sensory neuro(ns|ne|nes)": ["Leech pressure (P) mechanosensory neuron"],
    "local ((de|hyper)polarization|(membrane )?potential)": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "long term depression": ["Depression", "Long-term Synaptic Plasticity", "Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "long term potentiation": ["Long-term Synaptic Plasticity", "Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "long term (synaptic )?plasticity": ["Synaptic Plasticity", "Long-term Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "low threshold (ca2?|calcium)": ["I T low threshold", "I Calcium"],
    "low threshold voltage gated (ca2?|calcium)": ["I T low threshold", "I Calcium"],
    "ltd": ["Depression"],
    "lts cortical": ["Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron"],
    "lts pyramidal": ["Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron"],
    "m (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I M"],
    "mcn1": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Modulatory commissural neuron 1 (MCN1)"],
    "medium spiny neurons": ["Striatum", "Basal ganglia"],
    "mglur\\d?": ["mGluR"],
    "mitral": ["Olfactory bulb main mitral cell", "Olfactory bulb"],
    "modulatory commissural neuron 1": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Modulatory commissural neuron 1 (MCN1)"],
    "morphological analysis": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],    
    "motor?neuro(n|nal|ne|nes|ns)": ["Spinal cord motor neuron"],
    "motor nerve (ending|terminal)": ["Neuromuscular Junction"],
    "multi ?compartmental": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "multiple sclerosis": ["Multiple sclerosis"],
    "muscarinic (k|potassium)": ["I M"],
    "myelin(ated)?": ["Myelinated neuron"],
    "n methyl d aspartate": ["NMDA"],
    "na k and ca currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "na ca and k currents?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium", "I Calcium"],
    "(na|sodium) (and )?(k|potassium) (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I Sodium", "I Potassium"],
    "(na|sodium) (ca2?|calcium) exchanger": ["Na/Ca exchanger"],
    "(na|sodum) (channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I Sodium"],
    "(na|sodium) inactivation": ["I Sodium"],
    "(na|sodium) pump": ["Sodium pump"],
    "(na|sodium) (nernst|equilibrium|reversal) potential": ["I Sodium"],
    "network (model|simulation)s?": ["Network"],
    "neur(al|onal) networks?": ["Network"],
    "neuromuscular junctions?": ["Neuromuscular Junction"],
    "neuron (modeling (environment|software)|simulation environment|simulator|software)": ["NEURON"],
    "nmda(r|rs)?": ["NMDA"],
    "nonuniform geometry": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "nucleus laminaris": ["Auditory brainstem", "Nucleus laminaris neuron"],
    "octopus cells?": ["Cochlear nucleus octopus cell"],
    "odor information": ["Olfactory bulb"],
    "odorants?": ["Olfactory bulb"],
    "olfactory receptors?": ["Olfactory Receptors"],
    "(one|1) compartment": ["Simplified Models"],
    "ontogen(etic|y)": ["Development"],
    "oriens alveus": ["Hippocampus"],
    "oscillat(ing|ions?)": ["Oscillations", "Activity Patterns"],
    "p type (ca2?|calcium)": ["I Ca,p"],
    "paired pulse facilitation": ["Facilitation"],
    "parameter (search|space)": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "parameters? obtained from fits": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "parkinson(ian|s)?": ["Parkinson's"],
    "pattern recognition": ["Pattern Recognition"],
    "periglomerular": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular cell"],
    "persistent (na|sodium)": ["I Na,p", "I Sodium"],
    "pfc": ["Prefrontal cortex (PFC)"],
    "physiologically based multi ?compartmental": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "population coherence": ["Synchronization"],
    "prefrontal cortex": ["Prefrontal cortex (PFC)"],
    "program called neuron": ["NEURON"],
    "purkinje": ["Cerebellum purkinje cell", "Cerebellum"],
    "random networks?": ["Network"],
    "realistic computer models?": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "reconstructed (cell|neuron |neural |neuronal )?mopholog(ies|y)": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "remyelinated?": ["Myelinated neuron"],
    "reticular (re )?thalamus": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "rectifying (k|potassium)": ["I Potassium"],
    "regular (firing|spiking)": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "retinal? ganglion": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "rgc": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "rhythmic spik(e|es|ing)": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "schizophreni(a|c)": ["Schizophrenia"],
    "schwann cells?": ["Myelinated neuron"],
    "seizures?": ["Epilepsy"],
    "short term (synaptic )?depression": ["Synaptic Plasticity", "Short-term Synaptic Plasticity", "Depression"],
    "short term (synaptic )?plasticity": ["Synaptic Plasticity", "Short-term Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "signaling pathways?": ["Signaling pathways"],
    "single compartment": ["Simplified Models"],
    "slow wave": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "software neuron": ["NEURON"],
    "spatial compartmentalization effect": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],    
    "spike frequency adaptation": ["Spike Frequency Adaptation"],
    "spikes? initiat(ion|ed)": ["Action Potential Initiation"],
    "spike timing dependent plasticity|stdp": ["STDP"],
    "spiking (behaviors?|patterns?)": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "spinal motoneurone?s?": ["Spinal motoneuron"],
    "spindle": ["Activity Patterns", "Sleep"],
    "stomatogastric": ["Stomatogastric ganglion"],
    "(neo)?striat(al|um)": ["Striatum", "Basal ganglia"],
    "striatal cholinergic interneuron": ["Neostriatum interneuron cholinergic cell"],
    "subthalamic nucleus": ["Basal ganglia", "Parkinson's", "Subthalamic Nucleus"],
    "sw activity": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "synapse location": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry", "Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "synaptic depression": ["Depression"],
    "synchron(iz(ation|ed)|ous(ly?)|y)": ["Synchronization"],
    "t (type )?(channel|current|conductance)s?": ["I T low threshold"],
    "tea|tetraethylammonia": ["I Potassium"],
    "teleost thalamic": ["Teleost thalamic neuron"],
    "temporal pattern?": ["Temporal Pattern Generation"],
    "tetrodoxin|ttx": ["I Sodium"],
    "thalamic reticular": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "thalamocortical": ["Thalamus"],
    "theta (band|frequency)": ["Activity Patterns", "Temporal Pattern Generation"],
    "(tens|hundreds|thousands|millions|billions) of ([0-9a-z]+ )?([0-9a-z]+ )?(neurons|cells)": ["Network"],
    "(three|3) compartments": ["Simplified Models"],
    "(two|2) compartments": ["Simplified Models"],
    "transient (na|sodium)": ["I Na,t", "I Sodium"],
    "variations? in dendritic morphology": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "ventricular action potentials?": ["Heart cell"],
    "voltage gated (ca2?|calcium)": ["I Calcium"],
    "voltage gated (k|potassium)": ["I Potassium"],
    "voltage gated (na|sodium)": ["I Sodium"],
    "wakefulness": ["Sleep"],
    "active dendrit(ic|e) conductances?": ["Active Dendrites", "Dendritic Action Potentials"],
    "hippocamp(al|us) ca1 pyramidal": ["Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal cell", "Hippocampus"],
    "ih": ["I h"],
    "realistic neural networks": ["Realistic Network"],
    "seroton(in|ergic)": ["Serotonin"],
    "hermissenda type b photoreceptors?": ["Hermissenda photoreceptor Type B"],
    "5 ht": ["Serotonin"],
    "i ?ca ?s": ["I Calcium"], 
    "i ?k ?v": ["I Potassium"],
    "(calcium|ca|ca2) currents?": ["I Calcium"], 
    "sensorimotor synapse": ["Sensory processing"],
    "plasticity": ["Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "mechanosensory": ["Sensory processing"],
    "transient homosynaptic depression": ["Depression"],
    "aplysia": ["Invertebrate", "Aplysia"],
    "cdcl2": ["I Calcium"],
    "ryanodine": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "kenyon cells?": ["Invertebrate", "Honeybee kenyon cell"],
    "honeybee": ["Invertebrate"],
    "tail withdrawal reflex": ["Aplysia"],
    "lp117": ["Aplysia interneuron", "Aplysia"],
    "auditory nerve": ["Auditory nerve"],
    "cochlear amplifier": ["Auditory nerve"],
    "localization phenomena": ["Phase interference"],
    "phase velocities": ["Phase interference"],
    "colliculus": ["Superior colliculus", "Inferior Colliculus"],
    "cochlear mechanics": ["Cochlea hair cell (auditory)"],
    "cochlear partition vibration": ["Cochlea hair cell (auditory)"],
    "AN": ["Auditory nerve"],
    "thalamus": ["Thalamus"],
    "neocortical neuro(n|ns)": ["Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell"],
    "thalamic reticular neurons?": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "cortical pyramidal cells": ["Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell", "Neocortex layer 2-3 pyramidal cell"],
    "intrathalamic augmentation": ["Synaptic Integration", "Thalamus"],
    "corticothalamocortical": ["Thalamus"],
    "i kif": ["I Potassium"],
    "4 ap": ["I Potassium"],
    "4 aminopyridine": ["I Potassium"],
    "iki": ["I Potassium"],
    "vcn": ["Ventral cochlear nucleus T stellate (chopper) neuron"],
    "ilt": ["I Potassium"],
    "ia": ["I A"],
    "peak conductance": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "neural networ(ks|k)": ["Network"],
    "integrate and fire neurons": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron"],
    "dopamine": ["Dopamine"],
    "l type calcium curren(ts|s)": ["I L high threshold"],
    "neostriatum spiny direct pathway neuro(n|ns)": ["Neostriatum spiny direct pathway neuron"],
    "inositol( 1 4 5)? trisphosphate": ["IP3","Calcium dynamics"],
    "InsP3": ["IP3", "Calcium dynamics"],
    "low threshold k currents?": ["I Potassium"],
    "ik ?lt": ["I_KLT"],
     "nav1 6": ["Nav1.6 SCN8A"],
     "oscillatio(n|ns)": ["Oscillations"],
     "burs(t|ting)": ["Bursting"],
     "cerebell(ar|um) granule": ["Cerebellum interneuron granule cell"],
     "electrotonic": ["Electrotonus"],
     "rs spiny stellates?": ["Neocortex spiny stellate cell"],
     "low threshold spiking interneuro(ns|n)": ["Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron"],
     "nucleus reticularis ( nrt)? cel(ls|l)": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
     "thalamocortical sleep spindles?": ["Sleep"],
     "epileptogenic": ["Epilepsy"],
     "muscarinic": ["Muscarinic"],
     "peptide(rgic)?": ["Peptides"],
     "mitral cell synchronization": ["Synchronization"],
     "mitral cell": ["Olfactory bulb main mitral cell"],
     "r ?15": ["Aplysia R15 bursting neuron"],
     "conditional bursting neurone?s?": ["Bursting"],
     "burster (N|C)": ["Action Potentials", "Bursting"],
     "squid$giant axo(n|ns)": ["Squid axon"],
     "barnacle muscle fibe(r|rs)": ["Depressor scutorum rostralis muscle cell"],
     "bistable": ["Dendritic Bistability"],
     "hirudo medicinalis": ["Leech", "Invertebrate"],
     "(sodium|na) spikes?":["I Sodium"],
     "kv4( potassium)? channel": ["I K"],
     "low threshold ca(lcium|2)? currents?": ["I T low threshold"],
     "renshaw cel(ls|l)": ["Spinal cord renshaw cell"],
     "reticular thalamic ( rt)? nucleus": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
     "kcnq1": ["KCNQ1", "Kv1.9 Kv7.1 KCNQ1"],
     "fitting (a kinetic model|kinetic models)": ["Parameter Fitting"],
     "dendritic arborization": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
     "parameter randomization": ["Parameter Fitting"],
     "frontal lobe neurone?s?": ["Prefrontal cortex (PFC)"],
     "retinal bipolar cel(l|ls)": ["Retina bipolar cell"],
     "dorsal root ganglion": ["Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell"],
     "pseudounipolar geometry": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
     "interspike interval": ["Activity Patterns", "Axonal Action Potentials"],
     "impulse barrage": ["Activity Patterns"],
     "mossy fiber sprouting": ["Dentate gyrus mossy cell"],
     "hilar cel(ls|l)": ["Dentate gyrus hilar cell"],
     "epileptiform": ["Epilepsy"],
     "activation inactivation kinetics": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "active dendrites": ["Active Dendrites"],
    "anesthetized": ["GabaA"],
    "ap duration": ["Action Potentials"],
    "arbor": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "arrhythmogenic": ["Heart disease"],
    "bk channels": ["I Potassium", "I K,Ca"],
    "cable model": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "cables": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "calcium conductance": ["I Calcium"],
    "calcium dependent potassium": ["I K,Ca", "I Potassium"],
    "calcium spikes": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "cardiac (ventricular )?action": ["Heart cell", "Action Potentials"],
    "cardiac myocytes": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "cardiac ventricular": ["Heart disease", "Cardiac ventricular cell"],
    "cells rgcs?": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "cerebellar purkinje": ["Cerebellum purkinje cell"],
    "channel distribution": ["NEURON", "Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "channel noise": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "channel opening": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "channels dendrites": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "channels distributed": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "closed state": ["Channel/Receptor", "Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "closed time": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "conductance calcium": ["I Calcium"],
    "conductance calcium dependent": ["I K,Ca"],
    "conductance sk": ["I K,Ca"],
    "conformational": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "connected networks?": ["Network"],
    "cortical architecture": ["Network"],
    "cortical (micro)?circuit": ["Network"],
    "cortical networks?": ["Network"],
    "current calcium": ["I Calcium"],
    "currents recorded": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "delayed rectifier potassium": ["I K", "I Potassium"],
    "sodium": ["I Sodium"],
    "dendrodendritic synapses": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule MC cell"],
    "distal (inputs?|synaptic)": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "distally": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "dopamine depletion": ["Parkinson's", "Dopamine"],
    "dynamics intracellular": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "epicardial": ["Heart disease"],
    "epilep(sy|tic(us)?)": ["Epilepsy"],
    "epsc": ["Glutamate"],
    "gamma hz": ["Network"],
    "gamma power": ["Network"],
    "giant nerve": ["Squid axon"],
    "globus pallidus gp": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "golgi cells": ["Cerebellum"],
    "gp": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "gp neuron": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "hcn channels?": ["I h"],
    "heterogeneous networks": ["Network"],
    "hippocampal place": ["Place cell/field"],
    "hodgkin huxley": ["I K", "I Na,t", "Action Potentials"],
    "hyperpolarization activated": ["I h"],
    "ictal": ["Epilepsy"],
    "inactivation times?": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "inhibitory connections": ["Network"],
    "initial segment": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "injected current": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "inputs network": ["Network"],
    "ionotropic": ["Synapse"],
    "kinetics activation": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "kv channels?": ["I Potassium"],
    "lactotrophs?": ["Pituitary cell"],
    "epilepsy": ["Epilepsy"],
    "long qt": ["Heart cell", "Heart disease", "Ion Channel Kinetics", "Long-QT"],
    "low threshold (calcium|ca|ca2)": ["I T low threshold"],
    "ltp induction": ["Long-term Synaptic Plasticity", "Synapse"],
    "ventricular": ["Cardiac ventricular cell"],
    "markov chain": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "medium spiny neuron": ["Neostriatum spiny direct pathway neuron", "Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "membrane (action|excitability)": ["Action Potentials"],
    "membrane giant": ["Squid axon"],
    "membrane potential oscillations": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "metabotropic": ["Glutamate", "Synapse"],
    "midmyocardial": ["Heart disease"],
    "mitral granule cells?": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule MC cell"],
    "model cardiac": ["Heart cell"],
    "model networks?": ["Network"],
    "morphological electrophysiological": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "morphologically realistic": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "motor symptoms": ["Globus pallidus neuron", "Parkinson's"],
    "ms mv": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "multi compartmental model": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "multicompartment": ["I K"],
    "multicompartmental model": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "nap": ["I Na,p"],
    "nav": ["I Na,t"],
    "network connectivity": ["Network"],
    "nicotinic": ["Nicotinic"],
    "nodes ranvier": ["I K", "I Na,t"],
    "nucleus stn": ["Parkinson's"],
    "pallidus gp": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "parkinso(n|ns|nian)": ["Parkinson's"],
    "periodic bursting": ["Bursting"],
    "pituitary": ["Pituitary cell"],
    "potential initiation": ["Action Potentials"],
    "propagating waves": ["Spatio-temporal Activity Patterns"],
    "proximal (apical )?dendrites": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "qt syndrome": ["Heart cell", "Heart disease", "Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "random network": ["Network"],
    "ranvier": ["I K", "I Na,t"],
    "rate dependence": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "reciprocally": ["Network"],
    "recordings soma": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "rectifier channels?": ["I K"],
    "recurrent": ["Network"],
    "reticular neurons?": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "retinal? ganglion cells? rgcs?": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "rgcs": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "retina$cone": ["Retina photoreceptor cone cell"],
    "schaffer collaterals?": ["Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal cell", "Hippocampus"],
    "scn": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell", "Circadian Rhythms", "Oscillations"],
    "seizure activity": ["Epilepsy"],
    "signaling (cascade|pathways?)": ["Signaling pathways"],
    "action potentials?": ["Action Potentials"],
    "sk channels?": ["I K,Ca"],
    "(sodium|na) conductance": ["I Sodium"],
    "specific connectivity": ["Network"],
    "spiking network": ["Network"],
    "spiny neuron": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "state open": ["Channel/Receptor", "Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "stomatogastric ganglion": ["Bursting", "Invertebrate"],
    "tetrodotoxin sensitive": ["I Sodium"],
    "thalamic reticular neurons": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "voltage sensitive dye": ["Neuron or other electrically excitable cell"],
    "weakly synchronized": ["Network"],
    "wiring": ["Network"],
    "motor unit number estimation": ["Neuromuscular Junction", "Spinal cord motor neuron"],
    "mune": ["Neuromuscular Junction", "Spinal cord motor neuron"],
    "neuromuscular physiology": ["Neuromuscular Junction", "Spinal cord motor neuron"],
    "calcium": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "calcium signals?": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "memory storage": ["Calcium dynamics", "I Calcium"],
    "potassium leak channel": ["I K"],
    "networ(ks|k)": ["Network"],
    "s cells?": ["Leech", "Invertebrate", "Leech S cell"],
    "lamina i": ["Spinal cord lamina I neuron"],
    "medial superior olive": ["Medial Superior Olive (MSO) cell"],
    "glycine(rgic)?": ["Glycine"],
    "vestibular nuclei neurone?s?": ["Vestibular neuron"],
    "mvnns": ["Vestibular neuron"],
    "gcaclvai": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "gc vai": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "rat thalamocortical relay neurone?s?": ["Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron", "Thalamus"],
    "t type ca(lcium|2)? channel": ["I T low threshold"],
    "cacna1h": ["Cav3.2 CACNA1H"],
    "parameter estimation method": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "kinetic propert(ies|y)": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "kinetic paramete(rs|r)": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "ionic curren(ts|t)": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "least square error principle": ["Methods"],
    "current clamp data": ["Methods"],
    "effector ion channel activity": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "ca(2|lcium)? mediated feedback": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "nav1 2": ["Nav1.2 SCN2A"],
    "cochlear ganglion": ["Cochlear ganglion cell Type II"],
    "ca(2|lcium)? cycling": ["I Calcium"],
    "camkii": ["I Calcium"],
    "(anti)?arrhythmic": ["Heart cell"],
    "cardiac fibroblas(ts|t)": ["Cardiac ventricular cell", "Heart cell"],
    "heart cel(ls|l)": ["Heart cell"],
    "myocyte": ["Heart cell"],
    "ik": ["I K"],
    "myocardi(um|al)": ["Heart cell"],
    "(k|potassium) concentration": ["I K"],
    "intracellular ionic concentratio(ns|n)": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "endocardial": ["Heart cell"],
    "gap junction channe(ls|l)": ["Gap junctions"],
    "transverse velocity": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "idiopathic familial epilepsies": ["Epilepsy"],
    "herg": ["I_HERG", "HERG KCNH2"],
    "axon pathfinding": ["Axon"],
    "dendritic shape formation": ["Dendrite"],
    "dendritic growth": ["Dendrite"],
    "electrosensory lobe": ["ELL pyramidal cell"],
    "ca2? release": ["I Calcium", "Calcium dynamics"],
    "c elegans": ["Invertebrate"],
    "generalized pps": ["Methods"],
    "principal curv(es|e)": ["Methods"],
    "fractional leaky integrate": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire fractional leaky neuron"],
    "addictive compounds?":["Addiction"],
    "amygdala nucle(i|us)": ["Amygdala"],
    "aplysia sensorimotor synaps(e|es)": ["Aplysia motor neuron"],
    "neuron r15": ["Aplysia R15 bursting neuron", "Aplysia", "Invertebrate"],
    "astrocy(te|tic)": ["Astrocyte"],
    "auditory cortic(e|es)": ["Auditory cortex"],
    "boolean network": ["Boolean network"],
    "hsn neuron": ["C elegans Hermaphrodite-Specific neuron (HSN)"],
    "vc neuro(ns|n)": ["C elegans VC motor neuron", "Invertebrate"],
    "cabtrp ia": ["CabTRP 1a"],
    "calcium transients calcium rise times": ["CalC Calcium Calculator"],
    "cardiac pacemaking": ["Cardiac pacemaking"],
    "catacomb2": ["Catacomb (web link to model)"],
    "cellexcite": ["CellExcite (web link to model)"],
    "cellular volume dynamics": ["Cellular volume dynamics"],
    "channelrhodospin": ["Channelrhodopsin (ChR)"],
    "chr": ["Channelrhodopsin (ChR)"],
    "(chloride|cl) influx": ["Chloride regulation"],
    "comsol 4 2a": ["COMSOL (web link to model)"],
    "nonspiking interneurons?$crayfish": ["Crayfish identified nonspiking interneuron"],
    "cytokine interactions?": ["Cytokine Signaling"],
    "dendritic( voltage)? bistability": ["Dendritic Bistability"],
    "drosophila": ["Invertebrate"],
    "duration selectivity": ["Duration Selectivity"],
    "egg laying": ["egg-laying circuit"],
    "p and t type primary afferent fibers?": ["Electric fish P- and T-type primary afferent fibers"],
    "ell pyramidal cell": ["ELL pyramidal cell"],
    "fly lobula plate tangential cel(ls|l)": ["Fly vertical system tangential cell"],
    "gamma oscillatio(ns|n)": ["Gamma oscillations"],
    "gnrh neuro(n|ns)": ["GnRH neuron"],
    "grueneberg ganglion": ["Grueneberg ganglion neuron"],
    "(hawkmoth|deilephila elpeno)": ["hawkmoth Deilephila elpenor"],
    "(snail|helix pomatia)": ["Helix pomatia (snail)"],
    "ca1$stratum radiatum interneuro(ns|n)": ["Hippocampus CA1 stratum radiatum interneuron"],
    "inferior olive": ["Inferior olive neuron"],
    "intermittent periodic block": ["Intermittent block"],
    "intracortical microstimulation": ["Intracortical Microstimulation"],
    "intramuscular interstitial cells of cajal": ["Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)"],
    "icc im": ["Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)"],
    "kinness": ["KInNeSS"],
    "lamprey brainstem spinal cord": ["Lamprey, Spinal cord, Brainstem", "Spinal lamprey neuron"],
    "lamprey": ["Lamprey, Spinal cord, Brainstem", "Invertebrate"],
    "lateral superior olive": ["Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) cell"],
    "lso": ["Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) cell"],
    "c interneuron": ["Leech C interneuron"],
    "leech heart interneuron": ["Leech heart interneuron"],
    "leech heart moto(r )?neurone?s?": ["Leech heart motor neuron (HE)"],
    "retzius neurone?s?": ["Leech Retzius neuron"],
    "lc neuro(ns|n)": ["Locus Coeruleus neuron"],
    "locust the lobula giant movement detector": ["Locust Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD) neuron"],
    "lgmd": ["Locust Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD) neuron"],
    "macrophag(es|e)": ["Macrophage"],
    "magnetic stimulation": ["Magnetic stimulation"],
    "maximum entropy principle": ["Maximum entropy models"],
    "medial nucleus of the trapezoid body": ["Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body (MNTB) neuron"],
    "medial septum": ["Medial Septum"],
    "medial superior olivary nucleus": ["Medial Superior Olive (MSO) cell"],
    "mso": ["Medial Superior Olive (MSO) cell"],
    "metabotropic glutamate": ["mGluR"],
    "microglia": ["Microglia"],
    "moose pymoose": ["MOOSE/PyMOOSE (web link to method)"],
    "motion detection": ["Motion Detection"],
    "motor behavio(rs|r)": ["Motor control"],
    "myenteric interstitial cells of cajal": ["Myenteric interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCMY)"],
    "icc ?my": ["Myenteric interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCMY)"],
    "nach(r|rs)": ["nAChR alpha 7"],
    "alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine": ["nAChR alpha 7"],
    "bitufted interneurone?s?": ["Neocortex bitufted interneuron"],
    "irregular spiking (is )?interneurone?s?": ["Neocortex spiking irregular interneuron"],
    "medium spiny striatal neurone?s?": ["Neostriatum spiny neuron"],
    "dynamic neural field( dnf)? (simulator|simulations|calculatio(ns|n))": ["Neural Field Simulator"],
    "neuronpm": ["NEURONPM (web link to tool)"],
    "neuronvisio": ["Neuronvisio (web link to model)"],
    "(nucleus accumbens|nacb)": ["Nucleus accumbens spiny projection neuron"],
    "olfactory bulb aob": ["Olfactory bulb (accessory) mitral cell"],
    "olfactory bulb glomerul(i|us)": ["Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell"],
    "jgcs": ["Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell"],
    "categorical perception": ["Perceptual Categories"],
    "persistent neuronal activity": ["Persistent activity"],
    "reaction diffusion": ["Reaction-diffusion"],
    "repetitive single spike modes of discharge": ["Recurrent Discharge"],
    "reservoir networks": ["Reservoir Computing"],
    "dhskmcs": ["Skeletal muscle cell"],
    "motor unit twitch": ["Spinal cord motor neuron slow twitch"],
    "sympathetic preganglionic neurone?s?": ["Spinal cord sympathetic preganglionic neuron"],
    "spinal alpha moto(r )?neurone?s?": ["Spinal motoneuron"],
    "stomatogastric gangli(a|on)": ["Stomatogastric ganglion"],
    "phasing storage and recall": ["Storage/recall"],
    "recall storage": ["Storage/recall"],
    "stn": ["Subthalamic Nucleus"],
    "sc": ["Superior colliculus"],
    "superior paraolivary nucleus": ["Superior paraolivary nucleus neuron"],
    "spn": ["Superior paraolivary nucleus neuron"],
    "geniculate thalamocortical": ["Thalamus lateral geniculate nucleus interneuron"],
    "ts": ["Timothy Syndrome"],
    "tritonia diomedea activation": ["Tritonia"],
    "turtle visual cortex": ["Turtle cortex"],
    "visual cortex of turtles": ["Turtle cortex"],
    "ukf": ["unscented Kalman filter"],
    "chopper neurone?s?$ventral cochlear nucleus": ["Ventral cochlear nucleus T stellate (chopper) neuron"],
    "vmns": ["Vibrissa motoneuron"],
    "vns": ["Vestibular neuron"],
    "wide dynamic range wdr neuron": ["Wide dynamic range neuron"],
    "spiking leaky integrate and fire lif neurons":["Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron"],
    "alzheimer": ["Aging/Alzheimer`s"],
    "bg": ["Basal ganglia"],
    "rhythms of epileptic seizures": ["Brain Rhythms"],
    "deep cerebellar nucle(us|i)": ["Cerebellum deep nucleus neuron"],
    "dcn":["Cerebellum deep nucleus neuron"],
    "neural connectivity": ["Connectivity matrix"],
    "connectivity moti(f|fs)": ["Connectivity matrix"],
    "dbs": ["Deep brain stimulation", "Parkinson's"],
    "entorhinal realignment": ["Entorhinal cortex"],
    "entorhinal stellate cells": ["Entorhinal cortex stellate cell", "Entorhinal cortex"],
    "entorhinal cortical interneurons": ["Entorhinal cortex"],
    "globus pallidus": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "gpi": ["Globus pallidus neuron", "Parkinson's"],
    "gp neurons": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "hebbian and homeostatic plasticity": ["Hebbian plasticity"],
    "hippocampal basket cel(l|ls)": ["Hippocampus CA1 basket cell"],
    "hippocampal area ca3 interneuro(n|ns)": ["Hippocampus CA3 stratum oriens lacunosum-moleculare interneuron"],
    "serca": ["I_SERCA"],
    "information flow": ["Information transfer"],
    "information processing": ["Information transfer"],
    "learning mechanis(m|ms)": ["Learning"],
    "na ca2? exchanger": ["Na/Ca exchanger"],
    "striatal fast spiking fs interneurons": ["Neostriatum fast spiking interneuron"],
    "olfactory bulb glomeruli": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular cell"],
    "olfactory bulb the glomerular layer": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular cell"],
    "orientation selective": ["Orientation selectivity"],
    "parkinson(ism|ian|s)?": ["Parkinson's"],
    "pd": ["Parkinson's"],
    "prc": ["Phase Response Curves"],
    "pituitary lactotrop(h|hs)": ["Pituitary cell"],
    "procedural learning": ["Reinforcement Learning"],
    "reinforcement": ["Reinforcement Learning"],
    "learning networks": ["Reinforcement Learning"],
    "learned reward associatio(ns|n)": ["Reinforcement Learning"],
    "retinal?": ["Retina"],
    "retinocortical": ["Retina"],
    "reward modulated$(STDP|spike timing dependent)": ["Reward-modulated STDP"],
    "navigation": ["Spatial Navigation"],
    "striatal": ["Striatum"],
    "subthalamic n(euron|ucleus)": ["Subthalamus nucleus projection neuron"],
    "5 ht1": ["5-HT1"],
    "5 ht2": ["5-HT2"],
    "5 ht3": ["5-HT3"],
    "5 ht4": ["5-HT4"],
    "ampa": ["AMPA"],
    "at1r": ["AT1R"],
    "atp senstive (k|potassium) (current|channel)s?": ["ATP-senstive potassium current"],
    "izhikevich (cell|neuron)s?": ["Abstract Izhikevich neuron"],
    "morris lecar": ["Abstract Morris-Lecar neuron"],
    "wang buzsaki": ["Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron"],
    "integrate and fire$(adaptive exponential|adex)": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron"],
    "integrate and fire$fractional leaky": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire fractional leaky neuron"],
    "integrate and fire$leaky": ["Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron"],
    "single compartment$conductance based": ["Abstract single compartment conductance based cell"],
    "theta (neuron|cell)s": ["Abstract theta neuron"],
    "acetylcholine|ach": ["Acetylcholine"],
    "action potential initiation": ["Action Potential Initiation"],
    "(action selection|decision making)": ["Action Selection/Decision Making"],
    "active dendrites?": ["Active Dendrites"],
    "activity patterns?": ["Activity Patterns"],
    "addiction": ["Addiction"],
    "adrenergic": ["Adrenergic"],
    "(aging|alzheimers?)": ["Aging/Alzheimer`s"],
    "alpha1": ["Alpha1"],
    "alpha2": ["Alpha2"],
    "amino acid receptors?": ["Amino Acid Receptors"],
    "amino acids?": ["Amino Acids"],
    "amygdala": ["Amygdala"],
    "angiotensin": ["Angiotensin"],
    "animatlab": ["AnimatLab v1"],
    "anoxic depolarization": ["Anoxic depolarization"],
    "aplysia$b3(1|2)": ["Aplysia B31/B32 neuron"],
    "aplysia$r15": ["Aplysia R15 bursting neuron"],
    "aplysia$cultured (neuron|cell)s?": ["Aplysia cultured neuron"],
    "aplysia$feeding cpg (neuron|cell)s?": ["Aplysia feeding CPG neurons"],
    "aplysia$interneurons?": ["Aplysia interneuron"],
    "aplysia$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?": ["Aplysia motor neuron"],
    "aplysia$sensory (neuron|cell)s?": ["Aplysia sensory neuron"],
    "apopto(sis|tic)": ["Apoptosis"],
    "arteriolar network": ["Arteriolar network"],
    "astrocyte": ["Astrocyte"],
    "attractor neural network": ["Attractor Neural Network"],
    "axons?": ["Axon"],
    "axonal action potentials?": ["Axonal Action Potentials"],
    "b lymphocyte": ["B lymphocyte"],
    "beta oscillations?": ["Beta oscillations"],
    "bifurcations?": ["Bifurcation"],
    "biopax": ["BioPAX (web link to model)"],
    "biofeedback": ["Biofeedback"],
    "boolean networks?": ["Boolean network"],
    "brain rhythms?": ["Brain Rhythms"],
    "brainstem": ["Brainstem"],
    "brainstem (neuron|cell)s?": ["Brainstem neuron"],
    "brugada": ["Brugada"],
    "c elegans$hermaphrodite specific": ["C elegans Hermaphrodite-Specific neuron (HSN)"],
    "c elegans$vc (motor neuron|motoneuron)s?": ["C elegans VC motor neuron"],
    "c elegans$uterine vulval cell": ["C elegans uterine-vulval cell (uv1)"],
    "c program": ["C or C++ program"],
    "clc 2 clcn2": ["CLC-2 CLCN2"],
    "cn stellate cell": ["CN stellate cell"],
    "cnrun": ["CNrun"],
    "CO": ["CO"],
    "comsol": ["COMSOL"],
    "copasi": ["COPASI"],
    "creb": ["CREB"],
    "csim": ["CSIM"],
    "(ca|calcium|ca ?2) pumps?": ["Ca pump"],
    "cabtrp 1a": ["CabTRP 1a"],
    "calc (calcium|ca) calculator": ["CalC Calcium Calculator"],
    "calcium dynamics": ["Calcium dynamics"],
    "calcium waves": ["Calcium waves", "Calcium dynamics"],
    "(cardiac|heart)$atrial cells?": ["Cardiac atrial cell"],
    "(cardiac|heart)$pacemaking": ["Cardiac pacemaking"],
    "(cardiac|heart)$ventricular cells?": ["Cardiac ventricular cell"],
    "catacomb": ["Catacomb (web link to model)"],
    "(cav1 1|cacna1s)": ["Cav1.1 CACNA1S", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav1 2|cacna1c)": ["Cav1.2 CACNA1C", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav1 3|cacna1d)": ["Cav1.3 CACNA1D", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav2 1|cacna1a)": ["Cav2.1 CACNA1A", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav2 2|cacna1b)": ["Cav2.2 CACNA1B", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav3 1|cacna1g)": ["Cav3.1 CACNA1G", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav3 2|cacna1h)": ["Cav3.2 CACNA1H", "I Calcium"],
    "(cav3 3|cacna1i)": ["Cav3.3 CACNA1I", "I Calcium"],
    "cellml": ["CellML (web link to model)"],
    "cerebell(um|ar)": ["Cerebellum"],
    "cerebellum$deep nucleus (neuron|cell)s?": ["Cerebellum deep nucleus neuron"],
    "cerebellum$golgi (neuron|cell)s?": ["Cerebellum golgi cell"],
    "cerebellum$granule (neuron|cell)s?": ["Cerebellum interneuron granule cell"],
    "cerebellum$purkinje (neuron|cell)s?": ["Cerebellum purkinje cell"],
    "channel receptors?": ["Channel/Receptor"],
    "(channelrhodopsin)": ["Channelrhodopsin (ChR)"],
    "chemesis": ["Chemesis"],
    "(cl|chloride) regulation": ["Chloride regulation"],
    "cholinergic receptors?": ["Cholinergic Receptors"],
    "cochlear?$hair cells?": ["Cochlea hair cell (auditory)"],
    "cochlear?$ganglion cells?$type ii": ["Cochlear ganglion cell Type II"],
    "cochlear?$bushy cells?": ["Cochlear nucleus bushy cell"],
    "cochlear?$octopus cells?": ["Cochlear nucleus octopus cell"],
    "cochlear?$(pyramidal|fusiform) cells?": ["Cochlear nucleus pyramidal (fusiform) cell"],
    "coincidence detection": ["Coincidence Detection"],
    "(complementary|alternative) medicine": ["Complementary and alternative medicine"],
    "((conductance|vgc) distributions?)|(distribution of (vgc|conductance)s?)": ["Conductance distributions"],
    "channels? (are|were) distributed": ["Conductance distributions"],
    "conduction failure": ["Conduction failure"],
    "connectionist networks?": ["Connectionist Network"],
    "connectivity matri(x|ces)": ["Connectivity matrix"],
    "contrast gain control": ["Contrast-gain control"],
    "crab$(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$(lateral gastric|lg)": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Lateral Gastric (LG) cell"],
    "crab$(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$(lateral pyloric|lp)": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Lateral Pyloric (LP) cell"],
    "crab$(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$(modulatory commissural|mcn1)": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Modulatory commissural neuron 1 (MCN1)"],
    "crab$(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$(interneuron 1|int1)": ["Crab Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) interneuron 1 (Int1)"],
    "crayfis$identified nonspiking interneuron": ["Crayfish identified nonspiking interneuron"],
    "crayfish$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?": ["Crayfish motor neuron"],
    "cython": ["Cython"],
    "cytokine signaling": ["Cytokine Signaling"],
    "drd1a": ["D1 DRD1A"],
    "drd2": ["D2 DRD2"],
    "deep brain stimulation": ["Deep brain stimulation", "Parkinson's"],
    "delays?": ["Delay"],
    "dendritic bistability": ["Dendritic Bistability"],
    "dentate gyrus$mopp cells?": ["Dentate gyrus MOPP cell"],
    "dentate gyrus$basket cells?": ["Dentate gyrus basket cell"],
    "dentate gyrus$granule cells?": ["Dentate gyrus granule cell"],
    "dentate gyrus$hilar cells?": ["Dentate gyrus hilar cell"],
    "dentate gyrus$mossy cells?": ["Dentate gyrus mossy cell"],
    "depolarization blocks?": ["Depolarization block"],
    "depression": ["Depression"],
    "depressor scutorum rostralis muscle": ["Depressor scutorum rostralis muscle cell"],
    "detailed neuron(al)? models?": ["Detailed Neuronal Models"],
    "development": ["Development"],
    "direction selectivity": ["Direction Selectivity"],
    "dopamine(rgic)? receptors?": ["Dopaminergic Receptor"],
    "dorsal root ganglion$cold sensing": ["Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: cold sensing"],
    "(dorsal root ganglion|drg) cells?": ["Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell"],
    "drosophila antennal? lobe$dm1 projection": ["Drosophila antennal lobe DM1 projection neuron"],
    "drug binding": ["Drug binding"],
    "dynamics solver": ["Dynamics Solver"],
    "dynorphin": ["Dynorphin"],
    "edlut": ["EDLUT"],
    "ell pyramidal (cell|neuron)s?": ["ELL pyramidal cell"],
    "(ernst|event related neuronal simulation)": ["ERNST (Event Related Neuronal Simulation Tool) (web link to model)"],
    "electric fish$primary afferent fibers?": ["Electric fish P- and T-type primary afferent fibers"],
    "electric fish$midbrain torus semicircularis": ["Electric fish midbrain torus semicircularis neuron"],
    "electrogenic pumps?": ["Electrogenic pump"],
    "electroton(us|ic)": ["Electrotonus"],
    "pdp": ["Emergent/PDP++"],
    "endocannabinoid": ["Endocannabinoid"],
    "enteric nervous system": ["Enteric nervous system"],
    "entorhinal cortex": ["Entorhinal cortex"],
    "entorhinal cortex$stellate cell": ["Entorhinal cortex stellate cell"],
    "envelope synthesis": ["Envelope synthesis"],
    "ephinephrine": ["Ephinephrine"],
    "erythromelalgia": ["Erythromelalgia"],
    "evoked lfps?": ["Evoked LFP"],
    "extracellular": ["Extracellular"],
    "extracellular fields": ["Extracellular Fields"],
    "fortran": ["FORTRAN"],
    "facilitation": ["Facilitation"],
    "(fly|drosophila)$lamina (cell|neuron)s?": ["Fly lamina neuron"],
    "(fly|drosophila)$lobular plate vertical system": ["Fly lobular plate vertical system cell"],
    "(fly|drosophila)$medulla (cell|neuron)s?": ["Fly medulla neuron"],
    "(fly|drosophila)$vertical system tangential": ["Fly vertical system tangential cell"],
    "g protein coupled": ["G-protein coupled"],
    "genesis": ["GENESIS"],
    "(gnustep nextstep|openstep)": ["GNUstep NeXTStep/OpenStep"],
    "gaba": ["Gaba"],
    "gabaa": ["GabaA", "Gaba"],
    "gabab": ["GabaB", "Gaba", "Synapse"],
    "gamma (oscillations?|frequency|rhythms?)": ["Gamma oscillations"],
    "gaseous receptors?": ["Gaseous Receptors"],
    "gases": ["Gases"],
    "(gi|gastrointestinal) tract$intrinsic sensory": ["Gastrointestinal tract intrinsic sensory neuron"],
    "glia": ["Glia"],
    "globus pallidus (neuron|cell)s?": ["Globus pallidus neuron"],
    "glutamate": ["Glutamate"],
    "gnrh (cell|neuron)s?": ["GnRH neuron"],
    "grueneberg ganglion (cell|neuron)s?": ["Grueneberg ganglion neuron"],
    "hcn cnga1": ["HCN Cnga1", "I h"],
    "herg kcnh2": ["HERG KCNH2"],
    "(cardiac|heart) cells?": ["Heart cell"],
    "(cardiac|heart) diseases?": ["Heart disease"],
    "hebbian plasticity": ["Hebbian plasticity"],
    "(helix pacemaker bursting|rpa1)": ["Helix pacemaker bursting neuron (RPa1)"],
    "helix pomatia": ["Helix pomatia (snail)"],
    "hermissenda photoreceptor type a": ["Hermissenda photoreceptor Type A"],
    "hermissenda photoreceptor type b": ["Hermissenda photoreceptor Type B"],
    "hippocamp(us|al)": ["Hippocampus"],
    "(ca1|ca3)": ["Hippocampus"],
    "ca1$pv fast firing": ["Hippocampus CA1 PV+ fast-firing interneuron"],
    "ca1$axo axonic": ["Hippocampus CA1 axo-axonic cell"],
    "ca1$basket cells?": ["Hippocampus CA1 basket cell"],
    "ca1$bistratified cells?": ["Hippocampus CA1 bistratified cell"],
    "ca1$interneuron oriens alveus": ["Hippocampus CA1 interneuron oriens alveus"],
    "ca1$stratum radiatum interneurons?": ["Hippocampus CA1 stratum radiatum interneuron"],
    "ca3$axo axonic cells?": ["Hippocampus CA3 axo-axonic cells"],
    "ca3$basket cells?": ["Hippocampus CA3 basket cell"],
    "ca3$pyramidal": ["Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell"],
    "ca3$stratum oriens$lacunosum moleculare interneurons?": ["Hippocampus CA3 stratum oriens lacunosum-moleculare interneuron"],
    "ca3$stratum radiatum$lacunosum moleculare interneurons?": ["Hippocampus CA3 stratum radiatum lacunosum-moleculare interneuron"],
    "hippocamp(us|al)$dissociated (neuron|cell)s?": ["Hippocampus dissociated neuron"],
    "hippocamp(us|al)$septum medial gabaergic (neuron|cell)s?": ["Hippocampus septum medial GABAergic neuron"],
    "histamine": ["Histamine"],
    "hodgkin huxley (neuron|cell)s?": ["Hodgkin-Huxley neuron"],
    "homeosta(tic|sis)": ["Homeostasis"],
    "honeybee kenyon cells?": ["Honeybee kenyon cell"],
    "i ?a ?slow": ["I A, slow", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?ano2": ["I ANO2"],
    "i ?can": ["I CAN", "I Mixed"],
    "i ?cng": ["I CNG", "I Mixed"],
    "i ?ca ?p": ["I Ca,p"],
    "i ?ca(2|lcium)?": ["I Calcium"],
    "i ?(chloride|cl)": ["I Chloride"],
    "i ?cl ?leak": ["I Cl, leak", "I Chloride"],
    "i ?cl ?ca": ["I Cl,Ca", "I Chloride"],
    "i ?k": ["I K", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?k ?ca": ["I K,Ca", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?k ?leak": ["I K,leak", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?krp": ["I Krp", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?l high threshold": ["I L high threshold"],
    "i m": ["I M", "I Potassium", "Acetylcholine"],
    "i ?mi": ["I MI"],
    "i ?mixed": ["I Mixed"],
    "i n": ["I N", "I Calcium"],
    "i ?na ?leak": ["I Na, leak", "I Sodium"],
    "i ?na ?p": ["I Na,p", "I Sodium"],
    "i ?na ?t": ["I Na,t", "I Sodium"],
    "i ?potassium": ["I Potassium"],
    "i ?q": ["I Q", "I Calcium"],
    "i ?r": ["I R", "I Calcium"],
    "i ?(sodium|na)": ["I Sodium"],
    "i ?t low threshold": ["I T low threshold", "I Calcium"],
    "trpm8": ["Temperature", "Sensory coding", "I TRPM8"],
    "i ?h": ["I h", "I Mixed"],
    "i ?p ?q": ["I p,q", "I Calcium"],
    "trp": ["I trp", "Temperature", "Sensory coding"],
    "thermoreceptors?": ["Temperature"],
    "capsaicin": ["Sensory coding"],
    "idl": ["IDL"],
    "igor pro": ["IGOR Pro"],
    "ip3": ["IP3", "Calcium dynamics"],
    "irk": ["IRK", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?ahp": ["I_AHP"],
    "i ?hco3": ["I_HCO3"],
    "i ?herg": ["I_HERG"],
    "herg$i ?kr": ["Long-QT", "Heart disease"],
    "i ?k ?na": ["I_K,Na", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?kht": ["I_KHT", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?klt": ["I_KLT", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?ks": ["I_Ks", "I Potassium"],
    "i ?na ?ca": ["I_Na,Ca"],
    "i ?serca": ["I_SERCA", "Calcium dynamics"],
    "inferior olive (cell|neuron)s?": ["Inferior olive neuron"],
    "dendritic geometry": ["Influence of Dendritic Geometry"],
    "information transfer": ["Information transfer"],
    "intermittent blocks?": ["Intermittent block"],
    "intramuscular$interstitial cell of cajal": ["Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)"],
    "intrinsic plasticity": ["Intrinsic plasticity"],
    "invertebrates?": ["Invertebrate"],
    "channel kinetics": ["Ion Channel Kinetics"],
    "ion receptors?": ["Ion Receptors"],
    "ionchannellab": ["IonChannelLab"],
    "ions": ["Ions"],
    "java": ["Java"],
    "kcc2": ["KCC2"],
    "kca2 1 kcnn1": ["KCa2.1 KCNN1"],
    "kca2 2 kcnn2": ["KCa2.2 KCNN2"],
    "kainate": ["Kainate", "Glutamate"],
    "kir": ["Kir", "I Potassium"],
    "kir2 leak": ["Kir2 leak", "I Potassium"],
    "kir2 1 kcnj2": ["Kir2.1 KCNJ2", "I Potassium"],
    "kir2 2 kcnj12": ["Kir2.2 KCNJ12", "I Potassium"],
    "kir2 3 kcnj4": ["Kir2.3 KCNJ4", "I Potassium"],
    "kir2 4 kcnj14": ["Kir2.4 KCNJ14", "I Potassium"],
    "kir6 2 kcnj11": ["Kir6.2 KCNJ11", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 1 kcna1": ["Kv1.1 KCNA1", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 2 kcna2": ["Kv1.2 KCNA2", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 3 kcna3": ["Kv1.3 KCNA3", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 4 kcna4": ["Kv1.4 KCNA4", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 5 kcna5": ["Kv1.5 KCNA5", "I Potassium"],
    "kv1 9 kv7 1 kcnq1": ["Kv1.9 Kv7.1 KCNQ1", "I Potassium"],
    "kv2 1 kcnb1": ["Kv2.1 KCNB1", "I Potassium"],
    "kv3 1 kcnc1": ["Kv3.1 KCNC1", "I Potassium"],
    "kv3 3 kcnc3": ["Kv3.3 KCNC3", "I Potassium"],
    "kv3 4 kcnc4": ["Kv3.4 KCNC4", "I Potassium"],
    "kv4 1 kcnd1": ["Kv4.1 KCND1", "I Potassium"],
    "kv4 2 kcnd2": ["Kv4.2 KCND2", "I Potassium"],
    "kv4 3 kcnd3": ["Kv4.3 KCND3", "I Potassium"],
    "lcg": ["LCG"],
    "laminar connectivity": ["Laminar Connectivity"],
    "lamprey$(spinal cord|brainstem)": ["Lamprey, Spinal cord, Brainstem"],
    "late (na|sodium)": ["Late Na"],
    "(lateral superior olive|lso) (neuron|cell)s?": ["Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) cell"],
    "learning": ["Learning"],
    "leech": ["Leech"],
    "leech$c interneurons?": ["Leech C interneuron"],
    "leech$retzius": ["Leech Retzius neuron"],
    "leech$s (neuron|cell)s?": ["Leech S cell"],
    "leech$t segment(al)? sensory (neuron|cell)s?": ["Leech T segmental sensory neuron", "Sensory coding"],
    "leech$heart interneurons?": ["Leech heart interneuron"],
    "leech$heart (motoneuron|motor neuron)s?": ["Leech heart motor neuron (HE)"],
    "leech$pressure p mechanosensory (cell|neuron)s?": ["Leech pressure (P) mechanosensory neuron", "Sensory coding"],
    "libroadrunner": ["LibRoadRunner", "SBML"],
    "locking mixed mode": ["Locking, mixed mode"],
    "locus coeruleus": ["Locus Coeruleus neuron"],
    "locust$lobula giant movement detector": ["Locust Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD) neuron"],
    "long term synaptic plasticity": ["Long-term Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "lua": ["Lua"],
    "m1": ["M1"],
    "m2": ["M2"],
    "m3": ["M3"],
    "m4": ["M4"],
    "m5": ["M5"],
    "matlab": ["MATLAB"],
    "mcell": ["MCell", "Reaction-diffusion"],
    "(moose|pymoose)": ["MOOSE/PyMOOSE (web link to method)"],
    "mvaspike": ["MVASpike"],
    "macrophages?": ["Macrophage"],
    "madsim": ["MadSim"],
    "magnetic stimulations?": ["Magnetic stimulation"],
    "magnetoencephalography": ["Magnetoencephalography"],
    "mathematica": ["Mathematica"],
    "maximum entropy models?": ["Maximum entropy models"],
    "medial nucleus$trapezoid body": ["Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body (MNTB) neuron"],
    "mntb": ["Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body (MNTB) neuron"],
    "molecular networks?": ["Molecular Network"],
    "monoamine receptors?": ["Monoamine Receptors"],
    "monoamines": ["Monoamines"],
    "motion detect(ion|or|ors)": ["Motion Detection"],
    "motor control": ["Motor control"],
    "muscle model$vibrissa": ["Muscle model and vibrissa biomechanics"],
    "mysql": ["MySQL (web link to model)"],
    "myelinated (cell|neuron|axon)s?": ["Myelinated neuron"],
    "(myenteric interstitial cells?|iccmy)": ["Myenteric interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCMY)"],
    "ncs": ["NCS"],
    "(NEST|BLISS|SYNOD)": ["NEST (formerly BLISS/SYNOD)"],
    "NEURON": ["NEURON"],
    "NEURONPM": ["NEURONPM (web link to tool)"],
    "ng108 15": ["NG108-15 neuronal cell"],
    "nkcc1": ["NKCC1"],
    "nmda": ["NMDA"],
    "NO": ["NO"],
    "(nr2a|grin2a)": ["NR2A GRIN2A"],
    "(nr2b|grin2b)": ["NR2B GRIN2B"],
    "(na ca2?|sodium calcium) exchangers?": ["Na/Ca exchanger"],
    "(na k|sodium potassium) pumps?": ["Na/K pump"],
    "nav scn1b": ["Nav SCN1B", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 1|scn1a)": ["Nav1.1 SCN1A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 2|scn2a)": ["Nav1.2 SCN2A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 3|scn3a)": ["Nav1.3 SCN3A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 6|scn8a)": ["Nav1.6 SCN8A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 7|scn9a)": ["Nav1.7 SCN9A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 8|scn10a)": ["Nav1.8 SCN10A", "I Sodium"],
    "(nav1 9|scn11a|scn12a)": ["Nav1.9 SCN11A SCN12A", "I Sodium"],
    "nengo": ["Nengo"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)": ["Neocortex"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$bitufted interneurons?": ["Neocortex bitufted interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$deep neurogliaform interneurons?": ["Neocortex deep neurogliaform interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$dissociated cultured nerves?": ["Neocortex dissociated cultured nerve cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$(fast spiking|fs) interneurons?": ["Neocortex fast spiking (FS) interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$baskets?": ["Neocortex interneuron basket cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer (2 3|2|3) interneurons?": ["Neocortex layer 2-3 interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer (2 3|2|3) pyramid(al|s)": ["Neocortex layer 2-3 pyramidal cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer 4 interneurons?": ["Neocortex layer 4 interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer 4 neurons?": ["Neocortex layer 4 neuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer 4 pyramid(al|s)": ["Neocortex layer 4 pyramidal cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer 5 interneurons?": ["Neocortex layer 5 interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer (5 6|5|6) pyramid(s|al)": ["Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$layer 6a interneurons?": ["Neocortex layer 6a interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$(spiking irregular|irregular spiking) interneurons?": ["Neocortex spiking irregular interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$(spiking low threshold|low threshold spiking|lts)": ["Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$(spiking regular|regular spiking|rs)": ["Neocortex spiking regular (RS) neuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$spiny stellates?": ["Neocortex spiny stellate cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$superficial neurogliaform interneuron": ["Neocortex superficial neurogliaform interneuron"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$pyramidal cortical thalamic": ["Neocortical pyramidal cortical-thalamic cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$pyramidal intra telencephalic": ["Neocortical pyramidal intra-telencephalic cell"],
    "neocort(ex|ical)$pyramidal tract cortical spinal": ["Neocortical pyramidal tract cortical-spinal cell"],
    "neostriatum$(fast spiking|fs) interneurons?": ["Neostriatum fast spiking interneuron"],
    "neostriatum$cholinergic (cell|neuron|interneuron)s?": ["Neostriatum interneuron cholinergic cell"],
    "cholinergic": ["Acetylcholine"],
    "neostriatum$spiny direct pathway": ["Neostriatum spiny direct pathway neuron"],
    "neostriatum$spiny indirect pathway": ["Neostriatum spiny indirect pathway neuron"],
    "neostriatum$spiny (cell|neuron)s?": ["Neostriatum spiny neuron"],
    "neural field simulator": ["Neural Field Simulator"],
    "neural mass": ["Neural mass"],
    "neuroml": ["NeuroML"],
    "neurord": ["NeuroRD"],
    "neuroblastomas?": ["Neuroblastoma"],
    "neurogenesis": ["Neurogenesis"],
    "neuronetexperimenter": ["NeuronetExperimenter (web link to model)"],
    "nicotin(e|ic)": ["Nicotinic"],
    "nociception": ["Nociception"],
    "noise sensitiv(e|ity)": ["Noise Sensitivity"],
    "norephinephrine": ["Norephinephrine"],
    "(norns|neural net studio)": ["Norns - Neural Net Studio"],
    "nucleus accumbens$spiny projection": ["Nucleus accumbens spiny projection neuron"],
    "octave": ["Octave"],
    "olfactory bulb": ["Olfactory bulb"],
    "olfactory bulb$(accessory mitral|mitral accessory) cells?": ["Olfactory bulb (accessory) mitral cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$main$granule$mc": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule MC cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$main$granule$tc": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule TC cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$periglomerular": ["Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$juxtaglomerular": ["Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$main$mitral": ["Olfactory bulb main mitral cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$tufted$middle": ["Olfactory bulb main tufted middle cell"],
    "olfactory bulb$short axon": ["Olfactory bulb short axon cell"],
    "olfactory cortex": ["Olfactory cortex"],
    "olfactory cortex$anterior$interneuron$deep layer": ["Olfactory cortex anterior interneuron deep layer"],
    "olfactory cortex$anterior$interneuron$superficial layer": ["Olfactory cortex anterior interneuron superficial layer"],
    "olfactory cortex$anterior$pyramidal": ["Olfactory cortex anterior pyramidal neuron"],
    "olfactory receptor neuron": ["Olfactory receptor neuron"],
    "opsins?": ["Opsins"],
    "orientation selectivity": ["Orientation selectivity"],
    "oscillations?": ["Oscillations"],
    "osmosis$water": ["Osmosis-driven water flux"],
    "pcsim": ["PCSIM"],
    "pgenesis": ["PGENESIS"],
    "psics": ["PSICS"],
    "pspice": ["PSpice"],
    "parameter fitting": ["Parameter Fitting"],
    "parameter sensitivity": ["Parameter sensitivity"],
    "parkinson": ["Parkinson's"],
    "(pascal|delphi)": ["Pascal/Delphi"],
    "pathophysiology": ["Pathophysiology"],
    "pattern separation": ["Pattern Separation"],
    "peptide receptors?": ["Peptide Receptors"],
    "peptides?": ["Peptides"],
    "perceptual categor(y|ies)": ["Perceptual Categories"],
    "persistent activity": ["Persistent activity"],
    "phase response curves?": ["Phase Response Curves"],
    "phase interference": ["Phase interference"],
    "pituitary cells?": ["Pituitary cell"],
    "place cells?": ["Place cell/field"],
    "post tetanic potentiation": ["Post-Tetanic Potentiation"],
    "posture$locomotion": ["Posture and locomotion"],
    "potassium buffering": ["Potassium buffering"],
    "(prefrontal cortex|pfc)": ["Prefrontal cortex (PFC)"],
    "pynn": ["PyNN"],
    "python": ["Python"],
    "(qbasic|quickbasic|turbo basic)": ["QBasic/QuickBasic/Turbo Basic"],
    "qub": ["QuB"],
    "rate coding model (cell|neuron)s?": ["Rate-coding model neurons"],
    "remoto": ["ReMoto (web link to model)"],
    "rebound firing": ["Rebound firing"],
    "recurrent discharge": ["Recurrent Discharge"],
    "reinforcement learning": ["Reinforcement Learning"],
    "reservoir computing": ["Reservoir Computing"],
    "respiratory column (cell|neuron)s?": ["Respiratory column neuron"],
    "retina": ["Retina"],
    "retina$bipolar": ["Retina bipolar cell"],
    "retina$ganglion": ["Retina ganglion cell"],
    "reward modulated$stdp": ["Reward-modulated STDP"],
    "SABER": ["SABER"],
    "sbml": ["SBML"],
    "snnap": ["SNNAP"],
    "split": ["SPLIT"],
    "stdp": ["STDP"],
    "STEPS": ["STEPS"],
    "schizophrenia": ["Schizophrenia"],
    "scilab": ["SciLab"],
    "sensory receptors?": ["Sensory Receptors"],
    "sensory (en)?cod(e|ing)": ["Sensory coding"],
    "sensory processing": ["Sensory processing"],
    "serotonin": ["Serotonin"],
    "short term synaptic plasticity": ["Short-term Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "simplified models?": ["Simplified Models"],
    "simulink": ["Simulink"],
    "skeletal muscle cells?": ["Skeletal muscle cell"],
    "sleep": ["Sleep"],
    "(na|sodium) pumps?": ["Sodium pump"],
    "spatial navigation": ["Spatial Navigation"],
    "spatio temporal activity patterns?": ["Spatio-temporal Activity Patterns"],
    "spinal cord$ib$interneuron": ["Spinal cord Ib interneuron"],
    "spinal cord$interneuron$ia": ["Spinal cord Ia interneuron"],
    "spinal cord$lamina i": ["Spinal cord lamina I neuron"],
    "spinal cord$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?": ["Spinal cord motor neuron"],
    "spinal cord$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?$fast fatiguing": ["Spinal cord motor neuron fast fatiguing"],
    "spinal cord$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?$fatigue resistant": ["Spinal cord motor neuron fatigue resistant"],
    "spinal cord$(motor neuron|motoneuron)s?$slow twitch": ["Spinal cord motor neuron slow twitch"],
    "renshaw cells?": ["Spinal cord renshaw cell"],
    "spinal cord$sympathetic preganglionic": ["Spinal cord sympathetic preganglionic neuron"],
    "spinal$lamprey": ["Spinal lamprey neuron"],
    "spinal motoneurons?": ["Spinal motoneuron"],
    "spreading depression": ["Spreading depression"],
    "squid axon": ["Squid axon"],
    "(sspice|symbolic spice)": ["Sspice Symbolic SPICE"],
    "stick insect$nonspiking interneuron": ["Stick insect nonspiking interneuron"],
    "(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)": ["Stomatogastric ganglion"],
    "(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$pyloric dilator neurons?": ["Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric dilator neuron"],
    "(stomatogastric ganglion|stg)$pyloric neurons?": ["Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric neuron"],
    "striatum": ["Striatum"],
    "stuttering": ["Stuttering"],
    "substantia nigra pars compacta$dopaminergic cells?": ["Substantia nigra pars compacta dopaminergic cell"],
    "substantia nigra pars reticulata$principal cells?": ["Substantia nigra pars reticulata principal cell"],
    "subthalamus nucleus$projection neuron": ["Subthalamus nucleus projection neuron"],
    "superior colliculus": ["Superior colliculus"],
    "(suprachiasmatic nucleus|scn)": ["Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) neuron"],
    "synap(tic|ses?)": ["Synapse"],
    "synaptic integration": ["Synaptic Integration"],
    "synaptic plasticity": ["Synaptic Plasticity"],
    "synaptic noise": ["Synaptic noise"],
    "synaptic input statistic": ["Synaptic-input statistic"],
    "synchronization": ["Synchronization"],
    "teleost$thalamic": ["Teleost thalamic neuron"],
    "temperature": ["Temperature"],
    "temporal pattern generation": ["Temporal Pattern Generation"],
    "thalam(ic|us)": ["Thalamus"],
    "thalam(ic|us)$dlm projection": ["Thalamus DLM projection neuron"],
    "thalam(ic|us)$geniculate nucleus lateral$principal": ["Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron"],
    "thalam(ic|us)$lateral geniculate nucleus$interneuron": ["Thalamus lateral geniculate nucleus interneuron"],
    "thalam(ic|us)$reticular nucleus": ["Thalamus reticular nucleus cell"],
    "therapeutics": ["Therapeutics"],
    "timothy syndrome": ["Timothy Syndrome"],
    "topographica": ["Topographica"],
    "triggered activity": ["Triggered activity"],
    "tritonia": ["Tritonia"],
    "tritonia$cerebral cell": ["Tritonia cerebral cell"],
    "tritonia$swim interneuron$dorsal": ["Tritonia swim interneuron dorsal"],
    "tritonia$swim interneuron$ventral": ["Tritonia swim interneuron ventral"],
    "turtle$cortex": ["Turtle cortex"],
    "turtle$dorsal cortex$horizontal cells?": ["Turtle dorsal cortex horizontal cell"],
    "turtle$dorsal cortex$lateral pyramidal cells?": ["Turtle dorsal cortex lateral pyramidal cell"],
    "turtle$dorsal cortex$medial pyramidal cells?": ["Turtle dorsal cortex medial pyramidal cell"],
    "turtle$dorsal cortex$stellate cells?": ["Turtle dorsal cortex stellate cell"],
    "turtle$dorsal cortex$subpial cells?": ["Turtle dorsal cortex subpial cell"],
    "(tutorial|teaching)": ["Tutorial/Teaching"],
    "unsupervised learning": ["Unsupervised Learning"],
    "VERTEX": ["VERTEX"],
    "ventral cochlear nucleus$(t stellate|chopper)": ["Ventral cochlear nucleus T stellate (chopper) neuron"],
    "vestibular neurons?": ["Vestibular neuron"],
    "vibrissa (motor neuron|motoneuron)s?": ["Vibrissa motoneuron"],
    "vibrissa motor plant": ["Vibrissa motor plant"],
    "(vcell|virtual cell)": ["Virtual Cell (web link to model)"],
    "volume transmission": ["Volume transmission"],
    "wide dynamic range": ["Wide dynamic range neuron"],
    "winner take all": ["Winner-take-all"],
    "working memory": ["Working memory"],
    "xml": ["XML (web link to model)"],
    "xpp": ["XPP"],
    "yale hmm": ["Yale HMM"],
    "(zinc|zn2?)": ["Zn2+"],
    "egg laying circuit": ["egg-laying circuit"],
    "(hawkmoth|deilephila elpenor)": ["hawkmoth Deilephila elpenor"],
    "mglur": ["mGluR"],
    "mglur1": ["mGluR1", "mGluR"],
    "mglur2": ["mGluR2", "mGluR"],
    "mglur3": ["mGluR3", "mGluR"],
    "mglur4": ["mGluR4", "mGluR"],
    "mglur5": ["mGluR5", "mGluR"],
    "mglur6": ["mGluR6", "mGluR"],
    "mglur7": ["mGluR7", "mGluR"],
    "mglur8": ["mGluR8", "mGluR"],
    "nachr alpha 7": ["nAChR alpha 7"],
    "neuroconstruct": ["neuroConstruct"],
    "parplex": ["parplex", "Realistic Network"],
    "unscented kalman filter": ["unscented Kalman filter"]