Single compartment: nonlinear a5-GABAAR controls synaptic NMDAR activation (Schulz et al 2018)

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This study shows that IPSCs mediated by a5-subunit containing GABAA receptors are strongly outward-rectifying generating 4-fold larger conductances above -50?mV than at rest. This model shows that synaptic activation of these receptors can very effectively control voltage-dependent NMDA-receptor activation. The files contain the NEURON code for Fig.6 and Fig.7. The model is a single dendritic compartment with one glutamatergic and GABAergic synapse. Physiological properties of GABA synapses were modeled as determined by optogenetic activation of inputs during voltage-clamp recordings in Schulz et al. 2018.
1 . Schulz JM, Knoflach F, Hernandez MC, Bischofberger J (2018) Dendrite-targeting interneurons control synaptic NMDA-receptor activation via nonlinear a5-GABAA receptors. Nat Commun 9:3576 [PubMed]
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Model Type:
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): AMPA; GabaA; NMDA;
Transmitter(s): Gaba; Glutamate;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s):
Implementer(s): Schulz, Jan M [j.schulz at];
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* Print-To-File.hoc 	 		JB 26.07.17
print "Exit with CTRL D"


proc print2file(){ 	//print vectors into file
	outfile = new ATF_File($s2) //has to be a string, can include address for subfolders
	outfile.x_scale=dtime   // sampling interval; default is 1.0
	outfile.x_units="ms"    // default is "ms"
	outfile.y_units="mV"    // default is "mV"
	for i =0,simul_iter-1 {
	 outfile.addVec($o1.getcol(i), ColLabel)

	 //outfile.addVec(, "Dend") 
	 // passing a clone instead of allways the same vector