Spine neck plasticity controls postsynaptic calcium signals (Grunditz et al. 2008)

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This model was set up to dissect the relative contribution of different channels to the spine calcium transients measured at single spines.
1 . Grunditz A, Holbro N, Tian L, Zuo Y, Oertner TG (2008) Spine neck plasticity controls postsynaptic calcium signals through electrical compartmentalization. J Neurosci 28:13457-66 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Synapse;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell;
Channel(s): I Calcium; I R;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): AMPA; NMDA;
Transmitter(s): Glutamate;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Calcium dynamics;
Implementer(s): Mueller, Asa [asa.mueller at fmi.ch];
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section list of all apical dendrites          
objref all_apicals
all_apicals = new SectionList()
dendA5_0 all_apicals.subtree()

section list of all basal dendrites            
objref all_basals
all_basals = new SectionList()
dendA1_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA2_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA3_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA4_0 all_basals.subtree()

section list of primary apical branch          
objref primary_apical_list
primary_apical_list = new SectionList()
dendA5_0 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_011111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_0111111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append

/* reset nseg in primary apical so none smaller than 5 microns */

forsec primary_apical_list { ns=int(L/5+0.5)
        if (ns==0) {
        if ((ns-int(ns/2)*2)==0) {
        nseg = ns

section list of the spine                     
objref all_spines
all_spines = new SectionList()
spine_head all_spines.append
spine_neck all_spines.append

initialize basic parameters                    
celsius = 30        /* temperature */
global_ra=150.00 	/* internal resistivity in ohm-cm */
Cm=0.75             /* specific membrane capacitance in uF/cm^2 */
Rm=40000            /* specific membrane resistivity in ohm-cm^2 */ 
Vleak=-65           /* leak reversal -65mV */
Vrest=-65           /* resting potential -64.6 mV*/
spinelimit=100      /* distance beyond which to modify for spines */
spinefactor=2.0     /* factor by which to change passive properties */

procedure to insert and initialize channels    
proc initchannels(){

/* passive properties */

print "Inserting passive membrane properties"
forall {insert pas  g_pas=1/(Rm)  Ra=global_ra  e_pas=Vleak 

/* soma active properties */

somaA {insert pas	e_pas=Vleak  g_pas=1/Rm   Ra=global_ra  cm=Cm

/* basal dendrites active properties */

forsec all_basals {insert pas	e_pas=Vleak  g_pas=1/Rm   Ra=global_ra  cm=Cm
spine_head {
    insert pas	e_pas=Vleak  g_pas=spinefactor/Rm  Ra=global_ra  cm=spinefactor*Cm 
    insert car
    insert cadiffus
    insert canmda
    insert pas	e_pas=Vleak  g_pas=spinefactor/Rm  Ra=global_ra  cm=spinefactor*Cm 
    insert cadiffus

    insert cadiffus

access somaA

/* procedure to insert channels and set parameters in apical dendrites */

forsec all_apicals {

    /* do passive properties; modify for spines if far enough out */    

    insert pas	e_pas=Vleak  Ra=global_ra 
    for (x) { xdist=distance(x)
              if (xdist<=spinelimit) {
              } else {

print "Passive properties and channels are initialized"