Parvalbumin-positive basket cells differentiate among hippocampal pyramidal cells (Lee et al. 2014)

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This detailed microcircuit model explores the network level effects of sublayer specific connectivity in the mouse CA1. The differences in strengths and numbers of synapses between PV+ basket cells and either superficial sublayer or deep sublayer pyramidal cells enables a routing of inhibition from superficial to deep pyramidal cells. At the network level of this model, the effects become quite prominent when one compares the effect on firing rates when either the deep or superficial pyramidal cells receive a selective increase in excitation.
1 . Lee SH, Marchionni I, Bezaire M, Varga C, Danielson N, Lovett-Barron M, Losonczy A, Soltesz I (2014) Parvalbumin-positive basket cells differentiate among hippocampal pyramidal cells. Neuron 82:1129-44 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Realistic Network;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Hippocampus;
Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell; Hippocampus CA1 basket cell;
Channel(s): I Sodium; I Calcium; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): GabaA; Glutamate;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Detailed Neuronal Models; Connectivity matrix; Laminar Connectivity;
Implementer(s): Bezaire, Marianne [mariannejcase at];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell; GabaA; Glutamate; I Sodium; I Calcium; I Potassium;
proc createCells(){ local i, ij, si, pci, cellind, runresult, gid	// Create cells and assign a GID to each cell
	for cellind=0, numCellTypes-1 {																		//	number stream have already been used
		for pcitr(&i, &ij, &gid, cellType[cellind].cellStartGid, cellType[cellind].cellEndGid) {// use the pciter over all cells of this type
			if (pc.gid_exists(gid)) {
				sprint(cmd, "cellType[%g].CellList[%g]=new %s(%g,%g)", cellind, ij, cellType[cellind].technicalType, gid, i) //+cellType[cellind].cellStartGid) // why add the startgid to the gid? 

				{runresult=execute1(cmd)} 		// This command was written as a string so
												//	the cell object doesn't have to be hard coded
				cells.append(cellType[cellind].CellList[ij])	// Append each cell to cells list
				cellType[cellind].numThisHost = ij+1 // set number of cells of this type on this host (but add 1 b/c ij is zero based)

				// Random streams
				// randomlist.append(new RandomStream(highIndex, lowIndex)
				// each cell can make use of three different random streams, specified with lowIndexes based on the cell's gid:
				//		lowIndex		Stream Name		Stream Purpose
				//		gid				n/a				Used in the fastconn/repeatconn mechanisms to determine which cells are connected
				//		gid + 1*ncell	ransynlist		Used in the connectivity hoc file to determine which synapses are used in each connection formed
				//		gid + 2*ncell	ranstimlist		Used in the stimulation hoc file (only by NetStims) to randomize the stimulation of the network
				// Running independent simulations:
				//	Set the highIndex starting values using the RandomSeeds variable
				//	Make sure that simulations are independent of each other by checking that the beginning and end highIndex values
				//	 of each simulation DO NOT OVERLAP.
				//	The beginning highIndex value is always = 1+RandomSeeds.
				//	The max ending highIndex value used by each type of stream is printed in the MaxHighIndex.txt file.
				//	Consult the MaxHighIndex.txt file of a previous run, and then set RandomSeeds higher than any of its values,
				//	 to make your next run statistically independent
				// To run the same network under different conditions (under different stimulation), only change RandomSeedsStim (the highIndex for ranstimlist)
				// To run different networks under the same conditions (using different connectivity), only change RandomSeedsConn (the highIndex for ransynlist and the connectivity stream)
				ransynlist.append(new RandomStream(1+RandomSeedsConn, gid + 1*ncell)) // Create a new random number generator for each cell,
															//	with a unique stream. This will be used to determine
															//	what type of synapse is used in connections
															// lowindex = gid is used in the connection algorithm in the mod file
				ranstimlist.append(new RandomStream(1+RandomSeedsStim, gid + 2*ncell)) // Create a new random number generator for each cell, used by netstims for setting spont stim.

				cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].connect_pre(nil, nc)	// Create an empty connection for use by the spike detector
				pc.cell(gid, nc)									// Associate the cell with its gid and its spike generation location
				if (cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].is_art==0) {									// For non ppstim cells, assign position, initialize synapse cid and sid				
					for si=0, cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].pre_list.count-1 {	// Iterate over each pre cell type's synapse list
						for j=0, cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].pre_list.o(si).count-1 {		// Iterate through each synapse in the list
							cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].pre_list.o(si).o(j).cid=gid			// Set the cell id for each synapse
																								//  Note: Parameters added to Syn2Gid mechanism

					if ((ij%int(cellType[cellind].numCells/10+1) == 0) && (PrintTerminal>1)) {
					print cellType[cellind].cellType_string, ": ", i
				xpos=xpos_algorithm(gid,cellType[cellind].numCells,cellType[cellind].cellStartGid,cellType[cellind].dentateXBins,cellType[cellind].dentateYBins*cellType[cellind].dentateZBins,cellType[cellind].dentateXBinSize)	// Algorithmically generate cell position
				ypos=ypos_algorithm(gid,cellType[cellind].numCells,cellType[cellind].cellStartGid,cellType[cellind].dentateYBins,cellType[cellind].dentateZBins,cellType[cellind].dentateYBinSize)	// Algorithmically generate cell position
				zpos=zpos_algorithm(gid,cellType[cellind].numCells,cellType[cellind].cellStartGid,cellType[cellind].dentateZBins,cellType[cellind].dentateZBinSize,cellType[cellind].layerflag)	// Algorithmically generate cell position
				cellType[cellind].CellList[ij].position(xpos,ypos,zpos)									// Record cell position in cell object

	nc = nil // Then clear the reference to the netcon object, which should destroy the netcon (because all refs would have been removed)
	if  (PrintTerminal>0) {print "Host ",, " created cells."}