Rhesus Monkey Young and Aged L3 PFC Pyramidal Neurons (Rumbell et al. 2016)

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A stereotypical pyramidal neuron morphology with ion channel parameter combinations that reproduce firing patterns of one young and one aged rhesus monkey L3 PFC pyramidal neurons. Parameters were found through an automated optimization method.
1 . Rumbell TH, Draguljic D, Yadav A, Hof PR, Luebke JI, Weaver CM (2016) Automated evolutionary optimization of ion channel conductances and kinetics in models of young and aged rhesus monkey pyramidal neurons. J Comput Neurosci 41:65-90 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Neocortex L2/3 pyramidal GLU cell;
Channel(s): I Na,p; I Na,t; I A; I K; I M; I h; I K,Ca; I Sodium; I Calcium; I Potassium; I_AHP; I Cl, leak;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Ion Channel Kinetics; Parameter Fitting; Detailed Neuronal Models; Aging/Alzheimer`s;
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    Shifts voltage by the steady state level just before the onset of a current step.  This is useful when fitting passive/subthreshold parameters.

    Implemented by Christina Weaver, 2007 (christina.weaver@mssm.edu)


  SUFFIX offst
  RANGE Voff, Vshift, Vsum

	Vraise = -71.3	(mV)	: how much to shift voltage overall
	on = 300	(ms)	: onset time of current step
	W = 50		(ms)	: length of window to average over
	we = 10		(ms)	: time before step onset to end averaging window
	didAvg = 0	(1)	: flag to minimize computation

	(mV) = (millivolt) 

  v (millivolt)
  : t (ms)
	Vsum		(mV)
	npts		(1)
	Voff		(mV)
	Vshift 		(mV)

	Vsum = 0
	Vshift = 0
	npts = 0
	Voff = v - Voff + Vraise
        didAvg = 0
: printf("Set npts = %g, Voff %g\n",npts,Voff)

    if( t >= on-we-W && t <= on-we ) {
        Vsum = Vsum + v
        npts = npts + 1
: printf("time %g\tv %g\tVsum %g\tnpts %g\n",t,v,Vsum,npts)
    if( didAvg == 0 && t > on-we ) {		: past averaging window
        didAvg = 1
        Voff = Vsum / npts
:printf("***TIME %g\tFound offset %g = %g / %g\n",t,Voff,Vsum,npts)
    Vshift = v - Voff + Vraise
:     if( t > on-we ) {
: printf("SH time %g\tVshift %g = v %g\t- Voff %g\t+ Vraise %g\n",t,Vshift,v,Voff,Vraise)
:    }