Library of biophysically detailed striatal projection neurons (Lindroos and Hellgren Kotaleski 2020)

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Library of compartmentalized models used to investigate dendritic integration in striatal projection neurons under neuromodulation.
1 . Lindroos R, Hellgren Kotaleski J (2020) Predicting complex spikes in striatal projection neurons of the direct pathway following neuromodulation by acetylcholine and dopamine. Eur J Neurosci [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Striatum; Hippocampus; Basal ganglia;
Cell Type(s): Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell; Neostriatum medium spiny indirect pathway GABA cell; Striatal projection neuron;
Channel(s): I M; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Transmitter(s): Acetylcholine; Dopamine;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; Python;
Model Concept(s): Active Dendrites; Detailed Neuronal Models; Neuromodulation; Synaptic Plasticity; Activity Patterns; Soma-dendrite cross-talk;
Implementer(s): Lindroos, Robert [robert.lindroos at]; Filipovic, Marko;
Search NeuronDB for information about:  Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell; Neostriatum medium spiny indirect pathway GABA cell; I M; I Potassium; Acetylcholine; Dopamine;
TITLE LVA L-type calcium current (Cav1.3)

    (mV) = (millivolt)
    (mA) = (milliamp)
    (S) = (siemens)
    (molar) = (1/liter)
    (mM) = (millimolar)
    FARADAY = (faraday) (coulomb)
    R = (k-mole) (joule/degC)

    SUFFIX cal13_ms
    USEION cal READ cali, calo WRITE ical VALENCE 2
    RANGE pbar, ical

    pbar = 0.0 (cm/s)
    :q = 1	: room temperature 22-25 C
    q = 2	: body temperature 35 C

    v (mV)
    ical (mA/cm2)
    ecal (mV)
    celsius (degC)
    cali (mM)
    calo (mM)
    mtau (ms)
    htau (ms)

STATE { m h }

    SOLVE states METHOD cnexp
    ical = pbar*m*m*h*ghk(v, cali, calo)

    m = minf
    h = hinf

DERIVATIVE states { 
    m' = (minf-m)/mtau*q
    h' = (hinf-h)/htau*q

PROCEDURE rates() {
    minf = 1/(1+exp((v-(-33))/(-6.7)))
    mtau = 0.06+1/(exp((v-10)/20)+exp((v-(-17))/-48))
    hinf = 1/(1+exp((v-(-13.4))/11.9))
    htau = 44.3

FUNCTION ghk(v (mV), ci (mM), co (mM)) (.001 coul/cm3) {
    LOCAL z, eci, eco
    z = (1e-3)*2*FARADAY*v/(R*(celsius+273.15))
    eco = co*efun(z)
    eci = ci*efun(-z)
    ghk = (1e-3)*2*FARADAY*(eci-eco)

FUNCTION efun(z) {
    if (fabs(z) < 1e-4) {
        efun = 1-z/2
        efun = z/(exp(z)-1)


Activation curve was reconstructed for cultured NAc neurons from
P5-P32 Charles River rat pups [1] and shifted to match LVA data [7,
Fig.1D]. Activation time constant is from the rodent neuron culture (both
rat and mouse cells), room temperature 22-25 C [2, Fig.15A]. Inactivation
curve of CaL v1.3 current was taken from HEK cells [3, Fig.2 and p.819]
at room temperature.

Original NEURON model by Wolf (2005) [4] was modified by Alexander Kozlov
<>. Kinetics of m2h type was used [5,6]. Activation
time constant was refitted to avoid singularity.

[1] Churchill D, Macvicar BA (1998) Biophysical and pharmacological
characterization of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels in neurons isolated
from rat nucleus accumbens. J Neurophysiol 79(2):635-47.

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omega-conotoxin-sensitive calcium channels in a mammalian
neuroblastoma-glioma cell line. J Physiol 448:161-88.

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properties, pharmacology, and modulation of human, neuronal L-type
(alpha(1D), Ca(V)1.3) voltage-dependent calcium currents. J Neurophysiol

[4] Wolf JA, Moyer JT, Lazarewicz MT, Contreras D, Benoit-Marand M,
O'Donnell P, Finkel LH (2005) NMDA/AMPA ratio impacts state transitions
and entrainment to oscillations in a computational model of the nucleus
accumbens medium spiny projection neuron. J Neurosci 25(40):9080-95.

[5] Evans RC, Morera-Herreras T, Cui Y, Du K, Sheehan T, Kotaleski JH,
Venance L, Blackwell KT (2012) The effects of NMDA subunit composition on
calcium influx and spike timing-dependent plasticity in striatal medium
spiny neurons. PLoS Comput Biol 8(4):e1002493.

[6] Tuckwell HC (2012) Quantitative aspects of L-type Ca2+ currents. Prog
Neurobiol 96(1):1-31.

[7] Xu W, Lipscombe D (2001) Neuronal cav1.3 L-type channels activate
at relatively hyperpolarized membrane potentials and are incompletely
inhibited by dihydropyridines. J Neurosci 21(16): 5944-5951.