Dendritica (Vetter et al 2001)

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Dendritica is a collection of programs for relating dendritic geometry and signal propagation. The programs are based on those used for the simulations described in: Vetter, P., Roth, A. & Hausser, M. (2001) For reprint requests and additional information please contact Dr. M. Hausser, email address:
1 . Vetter P, Roth A, Häusser M (2001) Propagation of action potentials in dendrites depends on dendritic morphology. J Neurophysiol 85:926-37 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Dendrite;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell; Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal GLU cell; Neocortex U1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell; Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell;
Channel(s): I Na,t; I L high threshold; I p,q; I K; I M; I K,Ca;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Action Potential Initiation; Bursting; Active Dendrites; Influence of Dendritic Geometry; Detailed Neuronal Models; Axonal Action Potentials; Action Potentials;
Implementer(s): Hausser, M [M.Hausser at];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell; Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal GLU cell; Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell; Neocortex U1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell; I Na,t; I L high threshold; I p,q; I K; I M; I K,Ca;
Files displayed below are from the implementation
/* Relating dendritic geometry and signal propagation   */
/* Philipp Vetter, Arnd Roth and Michael Hausser        */
/* neuronprefs.hoc Version 1.0               11.10.1999 */

proc add_cell() {

	/* $s1 strdef "p18" */
	/* $s2        "p18.hoc" */
	/*	celladdress	/Nigra2a955-1.nrn */
	/*	cell		../data/cells/Nigra2a955-1.nrn */
	/*	cellname	Nigra 2  */
	/* add_cell("asp","/lcAS3.hoc","Aspiny L3",1,"soma")  */

	{sprint(str1,"objref %s",$s1) 					execute(str1)}
	{sprint(str1,"%s              = new MyCell()",$s1)		execute(str1)}
	{sprint(str1,"%s.loc          = \"../data/cells/%s\"",$s1,$s2)	execute(str1)}		
	{sprint(str1,"%s.tag          = \"/%s\"",$s1,$s2)		execute(str1)}		
	{sprint(str1,"%s.n            = \"%s\"",$s1,$s3)		execute(str1)}		
	{sprint(str1,"%s.spinescale   = %f",$s1,$4) 			execute(str1)}		
	{sprint(str1,"%s.somatic      = \"%s\"",$s1,$s5)		execute(str1)}
	if (numarg()>5) str1 = $s6 else str1 = ""
	{sprint(str1,"%s.distal       = \"%s\"",$s1,str1)		execute(str1)}
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"Pyramidal")>-1) 		type = 0
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"Nigra")>-1) 	  	type = 1
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"Purkinje")>-1) 		type = 2
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"DG granule cell")>-1) 	type = 3
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"DG interneuron")>-1) 	type = 4
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"CA1 Pyramidal")>-1) 	type = 5
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"CA3 Pyramidal")>-1) 	type = 6
     	if (strob.substr($s3,"CA3 interneuron")>-1) 	type = 7
	{sprint(str1,"%s.type      = %d",$s1,type)			execute(str1)}


add_cell("pjs","pjs.hoc","Pyramidal L5 Schiller",1.96,"somaA")
add_cell("ca3d","l56b.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 4",1.89,"soma[0]")
add_cell("int4","n260.hoc","DG interneuron 4",1,"soma[0]")
add_cell("P1","Rapp_cell1","Purkinje 1",100,"soma")
add_cell("P20","P20.hoc","Purkinje 20",10,"soma")
add_cell("pds","pds.hoc","Pyramidal L5 Smetters",1.96,"somaE")
add_cell("gc5 ","claiborne1.hoc","DG granule cell 5",1.6,"soma")
add_cell("gc6 ","claiborne2.hoc","DG granule cell 6",1.6,"soma")
add_cell("gc7 ","claiborne3.hoc","DG granule cell 7",1.6,"soma")
add_cell("gc8 ","claiborne4.hoc","DG granule cell 8",1.6,"soma")
add_cell("l23","j8.hoc","Pyramidal L2/3",1,"soma")
add_cell("p22","p22.hoc","Pyramidal L5 22",1.96,"somaC")
add_cell("p21","p21.hoc","Pyramidal L5 21",1.96 ,"somaB")
add_cell("p18","p18.hoc","Pyramidal L5 18",1.96 ,"somaA")
add_cell("par","par.hoc","Pyramidal L5 Roth",1.96 ,"somaD")
add_cell("n2","Nigra2a955-1.nrn","Nigra 2",1 ,"soma")
add_cell("n11","Nigra11h941-1.nrn","Nigra 11",1,"soma")
add_cell("n12","n12.hoc","Nigra 12",1,"somaA")
add_cell("n24","n24.hoc","Nigra 24",1,"somaA")
add_cell("P19","P19.hoc","Purkinje 19",10,"soma")
add_cell("P2","Rapp_cell2","Purkinje 2",100,"soma")
add_cell("P3","Rapp_cell3","Purkinje 3",100,"soma")
add_cell("ca1a","n121.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 1",1.89,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca1b","n177.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 2",1.89,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca1c","n179.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 3",1.89,"soma")
//add_cell("ca1d","n403.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 4",1.89,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca1e","n404.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 5",1.89,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca1f","822.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 6",1.89,"soma[0]")
add_cell("ca1g","503c.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 7",1.89,"soma")
add_cell("ca1h","602c.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 8",1.89,"soma")
add_cell("ca1i","913c.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 9",1.89,"soma")
//add_cell("ca1j","n417.hoc","CA1 Pyramidal 10",1.89,"soma")
//add_cell("ca3a","l10.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 1",1.89,"soma[0]")
add_cell("ca3b","l24b.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 2",1.89,"soma[0]")
add_cell("ca3c","l60a.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 3",1.89,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca3e","l48b.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 5",1.89,"soma[1]")
//add_cell("ca3f","l51.hoc","CA3 Pyramidal 6",1.89,"soma[5]")
add_cell("ca3g","960924b.nrn","CA3 Pyramidal 7",1.89,"soma")
add_cell("ca3h","970529c.nrn","CA3 Pyramidal 8",1.89 ,"soma")
//add_cell("gc1 ","n270.hoc","DG granule cell 1",1.6 ,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("gc2 ","n271.hoc","DG granule cell 2",1.6,"soma[0]")
add_cell("gc3 ","n503.hoc","DG granule cell 3",1.6,"soma[0]")
add_cell("gc4 ","n517.hoc","DG granule cell 4",1.6,"soma[0]")
add_cell("int1","n257.hoc","DG interneuron 1",1,"soma[0]")
add_cell("int2","n258.hoc","DG interneuron 2",1,"soma[0]")
add_cell("int3","n259.hoc","DG interneuron 3",1,"soma[0]")

add_cell("int5","n250.hoc","DG interneuron 5",1,"soma[0]")
add_cell("int6","n262.hoc","DG interneuron 6",1,"soma[0]")
//add_cell("ca3int1","960824a.nrn","CA3 interneuron 1",1,"soma[1]")
add_cell("ca3int2","960210b.nrn","CA3 interneuron 2",1,"soma")
add_cell("ca3int3","960217e.nrn","CA3 interneuron 3",1,"soma")
add_cell("ca3int4","960816d.nrn","CA3 interneuron 4",1,"soma")
add_cell("ca3int5","970213b.nrn","CA3 interneuron 5",1,"soma")
add_cell("ca3int6","960427a.nrn","CA3 interneuron 6",1,"soma[1]")

// add_cell("asp","lcAS3.hoc","Aspiny L3",1,"soma")
// add_cell("ste","j7.hoc","Stellate  L4",1,"soma")

printcellnameact = 1


proc cell_name()  {	local n,i, f

	f = -1
	for i=0,CellList.count-1 { if (strcmp($s1,CellList.object(i).loc)==0) f=i }

	if (f>-1) {
	cellname = CellList.object(f).n
	core     = CellList.object(f).loc

	set_suffix() 	/* adding suffixes */

	if (strob.substr(cellname,suffix)==-1) 	sprint(cellname,"%s%s",cellname,suffix)    
	sprint(cell,"%s%s",core,suffix)            // eg ../data/cells/P19.hocequiv
	strob.tail(cell,"cells",celladdress)        // eg /P19.hocequiv

	// equivalent cables are contingent on the active model, so they are stored in
	// ../data/ActiveModel/equiv/celladdress
	if (equiv) sprint(cell,"../data/%s/equiv%s",ActiveModel,celladdress)	         

	sprint(cellnameact,"%s using %s conductances",activecell,actname)
	if (printcellnameact) print cellnameact 



proc set_suffix() {

if (numarg()==1) { suffix="" equiv=0 forward=0 hdecay=0 }

if(forward){if (strob.substr(suffix,"forward200")==-1) sprint(suffix,"%sforward200",suffix)} 
if(hdecay){strob.tail(core,"cells",celladdress) readveca("halfdecay") suffix=halfdecay_maxlocation}
if (equiv){if (strob.substr(suffix,"equiv")==-1) sprint(suffix,"%sequiv",suffix)}



proc set_spinedensity()  {	/* set spinescale (by hand for each neuron) */

	spinescale    = 1
	spinescaleII  = 1

	for i=0,CellList.count-1 { if (strcmp($s1,CellList.object(i).loc)==0) f=i }

	spinescale = CellList.object(f).spinescale

	if (strob.substr($s1,P19.loc)>-1)  dendII()	/* special case Purkinje cells */
	if (strob.substr($s1,P20.loc)>-1)  dendII()
	if (strob.substr($s1,P1.loc)>-1)   dendIII()
	if (strob.substr($s1,P2.loc)>-1)   dendIII()
	if (strob.substr($s1,P3.loc)>-1)   dendIII()

	if (equiv) spinescale = 1



proc dendII() {		/* make SectionList dendrites II for Roth Purkinje cells */
			spinescale   = 5.34 
			spinescaleII = 1.2 
			forsec cf          dendritesII.append()
			forsec dendritesII dendritesI.remove()


proc dendIII() { 	/* make SectionList dendritesIII for Rapp cells */

		//	forsec dendrites if (diam(0.5) <= 2.2) { dendritesIII.append()
			spinescale   = 5.34 
			spinescaleII = 1.2 
			forsec dendrites if (diam(0.5) > 2.2)  { dendritesII.append()
								 dendritesI.remove() }
		//	spinescale = 1


proc swc_format() {	local a 
			/* parsing step for neurons from Duke Southampton Archive */

		        forsec "axon" disconnect()
			forsec "axon" delete_section()
			execute("soma[0] Soma = new SectionRef()")
			a = 0
			forsec "soma" for(x) a += area(x)
			equivdiam = sqrt(a/(4*PI)) 
			swc = 1		


proc make_sectionrefs() { local n, d, maxdist

	n = numarg()

	for i=0,CellList.count-1 { if (strcmp(cellname,CellList.object(i).n)==0) f=i }
	str1 = CellList.object(f).somatic  		/* define Soma */
	if (equiv) str1 = "soma"
	sprint(str1,"%s Soma = new SectionRef()",str1)
       	maxdist  = 0					/* define Distal */
	if (n==0) {
		Soma.sec origin  = new SectionRef()
		Soma.sec origins = secname()

		originsec = new SectionList()
		sprint(str1,"%s originsec.append()",origins)

		Soma.sec Iclamp  = new SectionRef()
		Soma.sec Vclamp  = new SectionRef()
		Soma.sec Synapse = new SectionRef()



		origin.sec distance(0,originx)
		all = new SectionList()
		forall all.append()
		forsec "node" all.remove()
		forsec "myelin" all.remove()
		forsec "iseg" all.remove()
		forsec "hill" all.remove()

		forsec all { d = distance(0.5)	
			      if (d > maxdist) { maxdist = d
					   	 this_section() Distal = new SectionRef() }  }

		if (!equiv) { 
		if (strcmp(cell,p18.loc)==0) execute("dendA[184]          Distal=new SectionRef()")
		if (strcmp(cell,p21.loc)==0) execute("dendB[232]           Distal=new SectionRef()")
		if (strcmp(cell,p22.loc)==0) execute("dendC[134]           Distal=new SectionRef()")
		if (strcmp(cell,pds.loc)==0) execute("dendE9[78]           Distal=new SectionRef()")
		if (strcmp(cell,par.loc)==0) execute("dendD7_0111111111111 Distal=new SectionRef()")