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Joels M, Werkman T, Karst H, Wadman W (1998) Corticosteroids and calcium homeostasis: implication for neuroprotection and neurodegeneration New Frontiers in Stress Research: Modulation of Brain Function, de_Kloet ER:Ben_Nathan D:Grauer E:Levy R, ed. pp.95

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Liebmann L, Karst H, Sidiropoulou K, van Gemert N, Meijer OC, Poirazi P, Joƫls M (2008) Differential effects of corticosterone on the slow afterhyperpolarization in the basolateral amygdala and CA1 region: possible role of calcium channel subunits. J Neurophysiol 99:958-68 [Journal] [PubMed]
Sidiropoulou K, Joels M, Poirazi P (2007) Modeling stress-induced adaptations in Ca2+ dynamics Neurocomputing 70:1640-1644 [Journal]
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