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Beran RG, Berkovic SF, Black AB, Danta G, Hiersemenzel R, Schapel GJ, Vajda FJ (2005) Efficacy and safety of levetiracetam 1000-3000 mg/day in patients with refractory partial-onset seizures: a multicenter, open-label single-arm study. Epilepsy Res 63:1-9 [PubMed]

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Huang CW, Tsai JJ, Huang CC, Wu SN (2009) Experimental and simulation studies on the mechanisms of levetiracetam-mediated inhibition of delayed-rectifier potassium current (KV3.1): contribution to the firing of action potentials. J Physiol Pharmacol 60:37-47 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Simulation studies on mechanisms of levetiracetam-mediated inhibition of IK(DR) (Huang et al. 2009) [Model]
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