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Andersen P, Bliss TV, Lomo T, Olsen LI, Skrede KK (1969) Lamellar organization of hippocampal excitatory pathways. Acta Physiol Scand 76:4A-5A [PubMed]

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Kopell N, Borgers C, Pervouchine D, Malerba P, Tort ABL (2010) Gamma and theta rhythms in biophysical models of hippocampal circuits Hippocampal Microcircuits: A Computational Modeller`s Resource Book. Ch. 15., Cutsuridis V, Graham BF, Cobb S, Vida I, ed. [Journal]
   Gamma and theta rythms in biophysical models of hippocampus circuits (Kopell et al. 2011) [Model]
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