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Loken C,Gruner D,Groer L,Peltier R,Bunn N,Craig M,Henriques T,Dempsey J,Yu CH,Chen J (2010) SciNet: Lessons Learned from Building a Power-efficient Top-20 System and Data Centre J Physics 256:012026

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Ferguson KA, Huh CY, Amilhon B, Manseau F, Williams S, Skinner FK (2015) Network models provide insights into how oriens-lacunosum-moleculare and bistratified cell interactions influence the power of local hippocampal CA1 theta oscillations. Front Syst Neurosci 9:110 [Journal] [PubMed]
   CA1 SOM+ (OLM) hippocampal interneuron (Ferguson et al. 2015) [Model]
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