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Watanabe T, Shimazaki T, Oda Y (2017) Coordinated Expression of Two Types of Low-Threshold K+ Channels Establishes Unique Single Spiking of Mauthner Cells among Segmentally Homologous Neurons in the Zebrafish Hindbrain. eNeuro [PubMed]

   Zebrafish Mauthner-cell model (Watanabe et al 2017)

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   CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) (Brian 2) [Model]
   CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) (Brian) [Model]
   CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) [Model]
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   CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) [Model]
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