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Sebastianutto I, Cenci MA, Fieblinger T (2017) Alterations of striatal indirect pathway neurons precede motor deficits in two mouse models of Huntington's disease. Neurobiol Dis 105:117-131 [PubMed]

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Goodliffe JW, Song H, Rubakovic A, Chang W, Medalla M, Weaver CM, Luebke JI (2018) Differential changes to D1 and D2 medium spiny neurons in the 12-month-old Q175+/- mouse model of Huntington's Disease. PLoS One 13:e0200626 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Electrotonic transform and EPSCs for WT and Q175+/- spiny projection neurons (Goodliffe et al 2018) [Model]
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