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Hardiman MJ, Yeo CH (1992) The Effect of Kainic Acid Lesions of the Cerebellar Cortex on the Conditioned Nictitating Membrane Response in the Rabbit. Eur J Neurosci 4:966-980 [PubMed]

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De Schutter E (1997) A new functional role for cerebellar long-term depression. Prog Brain Res 114:529-42 [PubMed]
   Cerebellar purkinje cell (De Schutter and Bower 1994) [Model]
Yamazaki T, Tanaka S (2005) Neural modeling of an internal clock. Neural Comput 17:1032-58 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Neural modeling of an internal clock (Yamazaki and Tanaka 2008) [Model]
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