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Baxter DA, Cai Y, Brembs B, Byrne JH (2000) Simulating physiological and morphological properties of neurons with SNNAP (Simulator for Neural Networks and Action Potentials). Soc Neurosci Abstr 26:45

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Cai Y, Baxter DA, Crow T (2003) Computational study of enhanced excitability in Hermissenda: membrane conductances modulated by 5-HT. J Comput Neurosci 15:105-21 [PubMed]
   Enhanced Excitability in Hermissenda: modulation by 5-HT (Cai et al 2003) [Model]
Flynn M, Cai Y, Baxter DA, Crow T (2003) A computational study of the role of spike broadening in synaptic facilitation of Hermissenda. J Comput Neurosci 15:29-41 [PubMed]
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