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Tsutsui H, Oka Y (2001) Effects of characteristic dendritic tip geometry on the electrical properties of teleost thalamic neurons. J Neurophysiol 85:2289-92 [PubMed]

   Dendritic tip geometry effects electrical properties (Tsutsui, Oka 2001)

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   Visual Cortex Neurons: Dendritic computations (Archie, Mel 2000) [Model]
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Tsutsui H, Oka Y (2002) Slow removal of Na(+) channel inactivation underlies the temporal filtering property in the teleost thalamic neurons. J Physiol 539:743-53 [PubMed]
   Novel Na current with slow de-inactivation (Tsutsui, Oka 2002) [Model]
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