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Rotstein HG, Kopell N, Zhabotinsky AM, Epstein IR (2003) Acanard mechanism in systems of globally coupled oscillators J Appl Math 63:1998-2019

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Kuznetsov AS, Kopell NJ, Wilson CJ (2006) Transient high-frequency firing in a coupled-oscillator model of the mesencephalic dopaminergic neuron. J Neurophysiol 95:932-47 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Dopaminergic cell bursting model (Kuznetsov et al 2006) [Model]
Medvedev GS, Wilson CJ, Callaway JC, Kopell N (2003) Dendritic Synchrony and Transient Dynamics in a Coupled Oscillator Model of the Dopaminergic Neuron Journal of Computational Neuroscience 15:53-69 [Journal] [PubMed]
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