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Zeng J, Laurita KR, Rosenbaum DS, Rudy Y (1995) Two components of the delayed rectifier K+ current in ventricular myocytes of the guinea pig type. Theoretical formulation and their role in repolarization. Circ Res 77:140-52 [PubMed]

   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++)

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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
   Cardiac action potential based on Luo-Rudy phase 1 model (Luo and Rudy 1991), (Wu 2004) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Luo Rudy dynamic model) (Luo Rudy 1994) used in (Wang et al 2006) (XPP) [Model]
   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Cardiac Atrial Cell (Courtemanche et al 1998) [Model]
   Cardiac Atrial Cell (Courtemanche et al 1998) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   A cardiac cell simulator (Puglisi and Bers 2001), applied to the QT interval (Busjahn et al 2004) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Simulation study of Andersen-Tawil syndrome (Sung et al 2006) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Kv4.3, Kv1.4 encoded K channel in heart cells & tachy. (Winslow et al 1999, Greenstein et al 2000) [Model]
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   Cardiac action potential based on Luo-Rudy phase 1 model (Luo and Rudy 1991), (Wu 2004) [Model]
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