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Nordin C, Aronson RS (1987) Interaction of oscillatory currents andsteady-state membrane conductance in isolated cardiac myocytes:experimental description and preliminary modeling of syncytialeffects Activation, Metabolism and Perfusion of the Heart, Sideman S:Beyar R, ed. pp.151

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Luo CH, Rudy Y (1994) A dynamic model of the cardiac ventricular action potential. II. Afterdepolarizations, triggered activity, and potentiation. Circ Res 74:1097-113 [PubMed]
   Ventricular cell model (Luo Rudy dynamic model) (Luo Rudy 1994) used in (Wang et al 2006) (XPP) [Model]
   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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