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Wu SN (2004) Simulations of the cardiac action potential based on the Hodgkin-Huxley kinetics with the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Chin J Physiol 47:15-22 [PubMed]

   Cardiac action potential based on Luo-Rudy phase 1 model (Luo and Rudy 1991), (Wu 2004)

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   Cardiac action potential based on Luo-Rudy phase 1 model (Luo and Rudy 1991), (Wu 2004) [Model]
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   Ventricular cell model (Guinea-pig-type) (Luo, Rudy 1991, +11 other papers!) (C++) [Model]
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   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) used in (Chen et al 2010) (R language) [Model]
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   Effect of slowly inactivating IKdr to delayed firing of action potentials (Wu et al. 2008) [Model]
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