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Chandler WK, Meves H (1965) Voltage clamp experiments on internally perfused giant axons. J Physiol 180:788-820 [PubMed]

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Adrian RH, Chandler WK, Hodgkin AL (1970) Voltage clamp experiments in striated muscle fibres. J Physiol 208:607-44 [PubMed]
   Action potential of striated muscle fiber (Adrian et al 1970) [Model]
Chandler WK, Hodgkin AL (1965) The effect of internal sodium on the action potential in the presence of different internal anions. J Physiol 181:594-611 [PubMed]
   The cannula artifact (Chandler & Hodgkin 1965) [Model]
Fleidervish IA, Libman L (2008) How cesium dialysis affects the passive properties of pyramidal neurons: implications for voltage clamp studies of persistent sodium current. Art. No. 035001 New Journal of Physics 10:1-13 [Journal]
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