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Brown TG (1911) The intrinsic factors in the act of progression in the mammal Proc R Soc London Ser B 84:308-319

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Chung B, BacquƩ-Cazenave J, Cofer DW, Cattaert D, Edwards DH (2015) The effect of sensory feedback on crayfish posture and locomotion: I. Experimental analysis of closing the loop. J Neurophysiol 113:1763-71 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Crayfish hybrid experimental model (Chung et al. 2015) [Model]
Ermentrout GB, Terman DH (2010) Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, Antman SS:Marsden JE:Sirovich L:Wiggins, ed. pp.1 [Journal]
   Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience (Ermentrout and Terman 2010) [Model]
Getting PA (1983) Mechanisms of pattern generation underlying swimming in Tritonia. II. Network reconstruction. J Neurophysiol 49:1017-35 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Classic model of the Tritonia Swim CPG (Getting, 1989) [Model]
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