Regulation of a slow STG rhythm (Nadim et al 1998)

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Frequency regulation of a slow rhythm by a fast periodic input. Nadim, F., Manor, Y., Nusbaum, M. P., Marder, E. (1998) J. Neurosci. 18: 5053-5067
1 . Nadim F, Manor Y, Nusbaum MP, Marder E (1998) Frequency regulation of a slow rhythm by a fast periodic input. J Neurosci 18:5053-67 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Realistic Network;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Stomatogastric ganglion;
Cell Type(s): Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Modulatory commissural neuron 1 (MCN1); Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) interneuron 1 (Int1); Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Lateral Gastric (LG) cell;
Channel(s): I Na,t; I K;
Gap Junctions: Gap junctions;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Temporal Pattern Generation; Invertebrate;
Implementer(s): Nadim, Farzan [Farzan at];
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objectvar lg_int1n, lg_int1s,lg_int1a,int1_lg,lg_mcn1,mcn1_lg,mcn1_int1,g[2],mcn1_lg_gj

INT1n[PASSIVE_SEG-1] lg_int1n = new lg_int1syn(.5)
setpointer lg_int1n.vpre, LGa.v(.5)
{lg_int1n.gmax=.0013  lg_int1n.e=-80}

INT1a lg_int1a = new lg_int1syn(.5)
setpointer lg_int1a.vpre, LGa.v(.5)
{lg_int1a.gmax=.0013  lg_int1a.e=-80}

INT1s lg_int1s = new lg_int1syn(.5)
setpointer lg_int1s.vpre, LGa.v(.5)
{lg_int1s.gmax=.0013  lg_int1s.e=-80}

LGn[PASSIVE_SEG-1] int1_lg = new int1_lgsyn(.5)
setpointer int1_lg.vpre, INT1s.v(.5)
{int1_lg.gmax=0.0013  int1_lg.e=-80 }

MCN1n[MCN1_SEG-1] lg_mcn1 = new lg_mcn1syn(.5)
setpointer lg_mcn1.vpre, LGa.v(.5)
{lg_mcn1.gmax=0.1 lg_mcn1.e=-80}

LGn[PASSIVE_SEG-1] mcn1_lg = new mcn1_lgsyn(.5)
setpointer mcn1_lg.vpre, MCN1n[MCN1_SEG-1].v(.5)
{mcn1_lg.gmax=0.0003 mcn1_lg.e=45}

INT1n[PASSIVE_SEG-1] mcn1_int1 = new mcn1_int1syn(.5)
setpointer mcn1_int1.vpre, MCN1n[MCN1_SEG-1].v(.5)
{mcn1_int1.gmax=0.0000015 mcn1_int1.e=45}

objectvar g[2]
for i=0,1 g[i] = new gap()
LGa g[0].loc(0.5)
MCN1a g[1].loc(0.5)
setpointer g[0].vgap, MCN1a.v(0.5)
setpointer g[1].vgap, LGn.v(0.5)

/*  AB -> INT1 */


for(i=0;i<tmax/pyloric;i=i+1) {
	INT1n[PASSIVE_SEG-1] fsyn(i,0.5,pyloric*i,80,0.0018,-70)