Circuits that contain the Model Concept : Spike Frequency Adaptation

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1. Complex dynamics: reproducing Golgi cell electroresponsiveness (Geminiani et al 2018, 2019ab)
2. Gating of steering signals through phasic modulation of reticulospinal neurons (Kozlov et al. 2014)
3. Grid cell oscillatory interference with noisy network oscillators (Zilli and Hasselmo 2010)
4. Models for cortical UP-DOWN states in a bistable inhibitory-stabilized network (Jercog et al 2017)
5. Network bursts in cultured NN result from different adaptive mechanisms (Masquelier & Deco 2013)
6. Realistic barrel cortical column - Matlab (Huang et al., 2022)
7. Realistic barrel cortical column - NetPyNE (Huang et al., 2022)

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