Circuits that contain the Cell : Hippocampus CA3 stratum oriens lacunosum-moleculare interneuron

Re-display model names with descriptions
1. CA3 Network Model of Epileptic Activity (Sanjay et. al, 2015)
2. Hippocampal CA3 network and circadian regulation (Stanley et al. 2013)
3. Ih tunes oscillations in an In Silico CA3 model (Neymotin et al. 2013)
4. Ketamine disrupts theta modulation of gamma in a computer model of hippocampus (Neymotin et al 2011)
5. Long time windows from theta modulated inhib. in entorhinal–hippo. loop (Cutsuridis & Poirazi 2015)
6. Role for short term plasticity and OLM cells in containing spread of excitation (Hummos et al 2014)

Re-display model names with descriptions