Circuits that contain the Model Concept : Bifurcation

(A bifurcation is a sudden qualitative change in the behavior of a dynamical system caused by a change in a parameter(s).)
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1. A Moth MGC Model-A HH network with quantitative rate reduction (Buckley & Nowotny 2011)
2. Bursting and oscillations in RD1 Retina driven by AII Amacrine Neuron (Choi et al. 2014)
3. Irregular spiking in NMDA-driven prefrontal cortex neurons (Durstewitz and Gabriel 2006)
4. Leech Heart Interneuron model (Sharma et al 2020)
5. Mean-field models of neural populations under electrical stimulation (Cakan & Obermayer 2020)
6. Minimal model of interictal and ictal discharges “Epileptor-2” (Chizhov et al 2018)

Re-display model names with descriptions