Multiscale simulation of the striatal medium spiny neuron (Mattioni & Le Novere 2013)

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"… We present a new event-driven algorithm to synchronize different neuronal models, which decreases computational time and avoids superfluous synchronizations. The algorithm is implemented in the TimeScales framework. We demonstrate its use by simulating a new multiscale model of the Medium Spiny Neuron of the Neostriatum. The model comprises over a thousand dendritic spines, where the electrical model interacts with the respective instances of a biochemical model. Our results show that a multiscale model is able to exhibit changes of synaptic plasticity as a result of the interaction between electrical and biochemical signaling. …"
1 . Mattioni M, Le Novère N (2013) Integration of biochemical and electrical signaling-multiscale model of the medium spiny neuron of the striatum. PLoS One 8:e66811 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Striatum;
Cell Type(s): Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell;
Channel(s): I Na,p; I Na,t; I T low threshold; I A; I K,Ca; I CAN; I Calcium; I A, slow; I Krp; I R; I Q;
Gap Junctions:
Gene(s): Kv4.2 KCND2; Kv1.2 KCNA2; Cav1.3 CACNA1D; Cav1.2 CACNA1C; Kv2.1 KCNB1;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; Python;
Model Concept(s): Synaptic Plasticity; Signaling pathways; Calcium dynamics; Multiscale;
Implementer(s): Mattioni, Michele [mattioni at];
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# Author: Michele Mattioni
# Mon Jan 26 05:54:30 GMT 2009

import math

from neuron import h, nrn

import ecellControl as eC
from synapse import Synapse
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class Spine():
    Class spine. Create a spine with head neck and psd
    def __init__(self, id, filename_bioch_mod, big_spine):
        """ Create a spine with a standard volume of ~0.11 um
        the h is the reference to the main hoc interpreter""" = id
        self.head_vol = None#0.11 #um3 calculated directly from the spine heads
        self.neck = self.create_neck()
        self.head = self.create_head(self.neck, self.head_vol, big_spine)
        self.psd = self.create_psd(self.head)
        self.parent = None # the parent section connected to the neck
        self.synapses = self.create_synapses()
        self.filename = filename_bioch_mod
        self.k_flux = [[],[]]
        # Reset ions
        h.cai0_ca_ion = 0.001        #// mM, Churchill 1998
        h.cao0_ca_ion = 5            #// mM, Churchill 1998 - gives eca = 100 mV
        h.cali0_cal_ion = 0.001        #// mM, Churchill 1998
        h.calo0_cal_ion = 5            #// mM, Churchill 1998 - gives eca = 100 mVh.cao0_ca_ion =
    def setup_bio_sim(self):
        """Initialize the Biochemical Simulator creating the instance of 
        the object to control the simulation"""
        if not hasattr(self, 'ecellMan'):
            ecellMan = eC.EcellManager(self.filename)
            # Setting the head volume with the spine head
   = self.head_vol * 1e-15 #Converted in l
            self.ecellMan = ecellMan
   "Ecell initialized in spine: %s"
    def update_calcium(self, k_ca_flux):
        """Update the calcium using the electrical calcium from the NEURON 
        section to the ecell compartment
        The constant is in mM/ms. We need to convert to number/seconds
        the constant for the Constant Flux in ecell.
        #print "Neuron calcium: %f, Ecell Calcium: %f" %(ca_concentration, 
        #                                     ['Value'])
        # converting the concentration in molecules:
        # um^3 to l (1e-15)
        CUBIC_um_TO_LITER = 1e-15
        # 6.022 * 1e23 Avogadro's number
        N_Av = 6.022 * 1e23
        # mM to M (1e-3) at the beginning for mM to M
        millimolar_to_number = 1e-3 * self.head_vol * CUBIC_um_TO_LITER * N_Av
        milliseconds = 1e-3
        factor = millimolar_to_number / milliseconds
        k_converted = k_ca_flux * factor
        logger.debug( "k for the flux before unit convertion: %s and after: %s" %(k_ca_flux,
        self.ecellMan.ca_in['k'] = k_converted
        # Disabling the leak and the pump
        self.ecellMan.ca_pump['vmax'] = 0
        self.ecellMan.ca_leak['vmax'] = 0
    def deploy_stims(self, neuron_time_interval_resolution):
        """Create the array with the inputs for all the synapses in this spine
            neuron_time_interval_resolution - Resolution of the vector to record 
            the synapse"""
        for syn in self.synapses:
            inputs = []
            for stim in syn.stims:

                stim_inputs = stim.get_stims_time()
                #print "inputs: %s" % stim_inputs
                stim.spine =
   "Creating the stim for spine: %s syn type: %s" %(, syn.chan_type))
            syn.create_stimul(inputs, neuron_time_interval_resolution)
    def create_neck(self):
        """ Create the neck with the Grunditz value"""
        name_sec = + "_neck"
        h("create " + name_sec)
        neck = getattr(h, name_sec)

        neck.nseg = 3
        neck.L = 1.5 # um
        neck.diam = 0.1
        #neck.Ra = 150.0 # Used by Grunditz et al 2008 (see supplemental material)
        neck.Ra = 100.0 #
        h.factors_catrack() # Called on the NMOD catrack
        h.factors_caltrack() # Called on the NMOD caltrack
        return neck
    def create_head(self, neck, head_vol, big_spine):
        """Create the head of the spine and populate it with the right channels"""
        name_sec = + "_head"
        h("create " + name_sec)
        head = getattr(h, name_sec)
        if big_spine:
            head.L = 1
            head.diam = 1.175
            r = head.diam/2.
            self.head_vol = math.pi * r * r * head.L
            head.L = 0.5
            head.diam = math.sqrt(head_vol / (head.L * math.pi) ) * 2
        self.Ra = 150.0
        head.nseg = 1

        return head
    def create_psd(self, head):
        """Create the Post Synaptic Density of the spine to model the different \
        location of the different channel"""
        name_sec = + "_psd"
        h("create " + name_sec)
        psd = getattr(h, name_sec)
        psd.L = 0.05        # um, Holmes & Levy 1990
        psd.diam = 0.5      # Wilson 1998 (Shepherd book)
        psd.Ra =100
        psd.nseg = 1
        return psd
    def create_synapses(self):
        "Create an AMPA and an NMDA synapse in the spine"
        synapses = []
        # AMPA Syn
        ampaSyn = Synapse('ampa', self.psd)
        #NMDA Syn
        nmdaSyn = Synapse('nmda', self.psd)
        return synapses
    def attach(self, parentSec, parentx, childx):
        """Attach a spine to a parentSec and store the parentSec into an attribute.
        Just an handy variation of the connect method"""
        self.neck.connect(parentSec, parentx, childx)
        self.parent = parentSec
        self.pos = parentx
    def calc_surface_area_spine(self):
        """Calculate the surface of the spine"""
        surface_lat_neck = self.calc_lateral_area_section(self.neck)
        surface_lat_head = self.calc_lateral_area_section(self.head)
        surface_lat_psd = self.calc_lateral_area_section(self.psd)
        # The top of the psd
        r_psd = self.psd.diam/2 
        top_surface_psd = 2 * math.pi * r_psd * r_psd 
        # Adding all together
        tot_surf = 0
        tot_surf += surface_lat_neck 
        tot_surf += surface_lat_head 
        tot_surf += surface_lat_psd 
        tot_surf += top_surface_psd 
        return tot_surf
    def calc_lateral_area_section(self, sec):
        """Calculate the lateral area of the section"""
        r = sec.diam/2
        h = sec.L
        lateral_area = 2 * math.pi * r * r * h
        return lateral_area
    def set_ampa_equilibrium_baseline(self):
        self.ampa_equilibrium_conc = self.ecellMan.ampar_P['Value'] "Number of AMPAR @equilibrium: %s " %self.ampa_equilibrium_conc)