Ca2+ oscillations in single astrocytes (Lavrentovich and Hemkin 2008) (python) (Manninen et al 2017)

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We tested the reproducibility and comparability of four astrocyte models (Manninen, Havela, Linne, 2017). Model by Lavrentovich and Hemkin (2008) was one of them. We implemented and ran the model by Lavrentovich and Hemkin (2008) using Jupyter Notebook. Model code produces results of Figure 1 in Manninen, Havela, Linne (2017).
1 . Lavrentovich M, Hemkin S (2008) A mathematical model of spontaneous calcium(II) oscillations in astrocytes. J Theor Biol 251:553-60 [PubMed]
2 . Lavrentovich M, Hemkin S (2009) Corrigendum to “A mathematical model of spontaneous calcium(II) oscillations in astrocytes” [J. Theor. Biol. 251 (2008) 553–560] Journal of Theoretical Biology 260(2):332
3 . Manninen T, Havela R, Linne ML (2017) Reproducibility and comparability of computational models for astrocyte calcium excitability Front. Neuroinform.
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Model Type: Glia;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Generic;
Cell Type(s): Astrocyte;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): IP3;
Simulation Environment: Python;
Model Concept(s): Calcium dynamics; Oscillations; Signaling pathways;
Implementer(s): Manninen, Tiina [tiina.h.manninen at];
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