Reconstructing cerebellar granule layer evoked LFP using convolution (ReConv) (Diwakar et al. 2011)

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The model allows reconstruction of evoked local field potentials as seen in the cerebellar granular layer. The approach uses a detailed model of cerebellar granule neuron to generate data traces and then uses a "ReConv" or jittered repetitive convolution technique to reproduce post-synaptic local field potentials in the granular layer. The algorithm was used to generate both in vitro and in vivo evoked LFP and reflected the changes seen during LTP and LTD, when such changes were induced in the underlying neurons by modulating release probability of synapses and sodium channel regulated intrinsic excitability of the cells.
1 . Diwakar S, Lombardo P, Solinas S, Naldi G, D'Angelo E (2011) Local field potential modeling predicts dense activation in cerebellar granule cells clusters under LTP and LTD control. PLoS One 6:e21928 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Extracellular;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Cerebellum interneuron granule GLU cell;
Channel(s): I K; I M; I K,Ca; I Sodium; I Calcium; I Cl, leak;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): GabaA; AMPA; NMDA;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; MATLAB; Octave;
Model Concept(s): Extracellular Fields; Evoked LFP;
Implementer(s): Diwakar, Shyam [shyam at];
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GRC_CA.mod *
GRC_CALC.mod *
GRC_GABA.mod *
GRC_KA.mod *
GRC_KCA.mod *
GRC_KIR.mod *
GRC_KM.mod *
GRC_KV.mod *
GRC_LKG1.mod *
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// ReConv algorithm for reconstructing evoked LFP in cerebellar granular layer
// Uses Multicompartmental GrC model (see
// Last updated 11-June-2011
// Model developer: Shyam Diwakar M.
// Developed at Amrita School of Biotechnology (India) and at Prof. Egidio D'Angelo's Lab at Univ of Pavia (Italy)
// Amrita School of Biotechnology, Amritapuri
// Clappana P.O., Kollam, 690 525, Kerala, India.

/* Model published as [Diwakar et al., 2011, manuscript accepted, PLoS ONE]
Shyam Diwakar, Paola Lombardo, Sergio Solinas, Giovanni Naldi, Egidio D'Angelo. "Local field potential modeling predicts dense activation in cerebellar granule cells clusters under LTP and LTD control", PLoS ONE, 2011.


// ***** General settings *****
tstop=200 //default simulation stop time in ms
v_init = -70 //init voltage
xopen("Grc_Cell.hoc") // load Granule cell template
objref Granule[1]  //create Granule cell
Granule[0] = new GrC()
// ***** Synapses ****

objref nclist,Mossy[4],Inhib[4],nclist2	
objref synNS[4],synA[4],synG[4]	

// ***** Procedures to connect synapses to dendritic tips *****
proc con1() {
	nclist2 = new List()
	for(j=0;j<4;j=j+1) {
	    //print j,k
	    access Granule[0].dend_3[j]	
	    Inhib[j] = new SpikeGenerator(0.5)
            synG[j] = new GRC_GABA(0.5)
            nclist2.append(new NetCon(Inhib[j], synG[j], -20, 0.000, 1e-3))
proc con2() { 
	nclist = new List()
       	for(k3=0;k3<4;k3=k3+1) {
		access Granule[0].dend_4[k3]
        	Mossy[k3] = new SpikeGenerator(0.5)
		synA[k3] = new AmpaCOD(0.5)
		synNS[k3] = new NMDAS(0.5)
	        nclist.append(new NetCon(Mossy[k3], synNS[k3],-20, 0.000, 1e-3))
	        nclist.append(new NetCon(Mossy[k3], synA[k3],-20, 0.000, 1e-3))


// ***** Start GUI *****


xopen("ComPanel.hoc") //Command Panel

// ***** Initialization *****


proc usetable(){
	usetable_GRC_NA  = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_NAR = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_PNA = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_KV  = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_KA  =  	$1
	usetable_GRC_KIR = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_KM  = 	$1
	usetable_GRC_CA  = 	$1

xopen("Parametri.hoc")//"Channels and Controls Panel"