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Schild JH, Clark JW, Hay M, Mendelowitz D, Andresen MC, Kunze DL (1994) A- and C-type rat nodose sensory neurons: model interpretations of dynamic discharge characteristics. J Neurophysiol 71:2338-58 [PubMed]

   Nodose sensory neuron (Schild et al. 1994, Schild and Kunze 1997)

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   TTX-R Na+ current effect on cell response (Herzog et al 2001) (MATLAB) [Model]
   TTX-R Na+ current effect on cell response (Herzog et al 2001) [Model]
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   Periodicity in Na channel properties alters model neuron excitability (Majumdar and Sikdar 2007) [Model]
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   Nodose sensory neuron (Schild et al. 1994, Schild and Kunze 1997) [Model]
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