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Koob GF, Vaccarino FJ, Amalric M, Bloom FE (1987) Positive rein-forcement properties of drugs: Search for neural substrates Brain Reward Systems And Abuse, Engel J:Oreland L, ed. pp.35

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Canavier CC (1999) Sodium dynamics underlying burst firing and putative mechanisms for the regulation of the firing pattern in midbrain dopamine neurons: a computational approach. J Comput Neurosci 6:49-69 [PubMed]
   Midbrain dopamine neuron: firing patterns (Canavier 1999) [Model]
Canavier CC, Landry RS (2006) An increase in AMPA and a decrease in SK conductance increase burst firing by different mechanisms in a model of a dopamine neuron in vivo. J Neurophysiol 96:2549-63 [Journal] [PubMed]
   Differential modulation of pattern and rate in a dopamine neuron model (Canavier and Landry 2006) [Model]
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