Help on How to Download and/or Run Models from Senselab's Model Database (ModelDB)

All locally stored models can be downloaded as a single file by pressing the "Download zip file" button. Some models can be run directly from the web page. For these models there will be a button labeled "Auto-launch".


    ModelDB models are associated with many simulators and simulation environments. For some models the code is supplied externally and in these cases you will need to follow the links to the web sites where the code is made available. If you have any trouble finding the code at these external sites please email the ModelDB administrator which model (accession number) you were unable to find. For models supplied internally in ModelDB, when you press the Download button, depending on your browser's settings, the file will be downloaded to a previously choosen location (typically "Downloads" folder) or you will be asked to save the file in a directory and, if you want, you can change the name of the file. Once the file is downloaded you can expand the zip file with the unzip program that comes with your operating system (double clicking the zip file in windows explorer (mswin) or a finder window (mac) will usually automatically invoke an unzip program). In general you will need to install a simulator or simulation environment. Links below provide additional instructions for some simulators used by ModelDB models:


    Running models on your machine is inherently insecure since models are able to execute any program or script consistent with the permissions of the user. We make a good faith effort at the ModelDB site to publicly provide models that are associated with published papers and do not knowingly provide models containing malicious or destructive code, viruses, worms, etc. We take several steps to insure the safety of running our publicly available models. These include making a cursory examination of each models code, test-running each model, and not accepting anonymous models. However if we were "hacked" our verified files might be replaced with malicious ones. Therefore please inform us if running a model causes any kind of problem on your machine so that we may remove the model as soon as possible from the database.

Please do not hesitate to email the ModelDB Administrator to ask questions, suggest improvements,or send comments.
Last Modified: July 29th, 2015