Models that contain the Gene Name : Cav1.2 CACNA1C

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1. Biophysically detailed model of the mouse sino-atrial node cell (Kharche et al. 2011)
2. CA1 pyramidal neuron dendritic spine with plasticity (O`Donnell et al. 2011)
3. Calcium influx during striatal upstates (Evans et al. 2013)
4. Effects of KIR current inactivation in NAc Medium Spiny Neurons (Steephen and Manchanda 2009)
5. GC model (Beining et al 2017)
6. Learning intrinsic excitability in Medium Spiny Neurons (Scheler 2014)
7. Mature and young adult-born dentate granule cell models (T2N interface) (Beining et al. 2017)
8. Mirror Neuron (Antunes et al 2017)
9. Multiscale simulation of the striatal medium spiny neuron (Mattioni & Le Novere 2013)
10. Pleiotropic effects of SCZ-associated genes (Mäki-Marttunen et al. 2017)
11. Rat subthalamic projection neuron (Gillies and Willshaw 2006)
12. Schiz.-linked gene effects on intrinsic single-neuron excitability (Maki-Marttunen et al. 2016)

Re-display model names with descriptions