Models that contain the Gene Name : Kv2.1 KCNB1

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1. GC model (Beining et al 2017)
2. Interneuron Specific 3 Interneuron Model (Guet-McCreight et al, 2016)
3. Learning intrinsic excitability in Medium Spiny Neurons (Scheler 2014)
4. Mature and young adult-born dentate granule cell models (T2N interface) (Beining et al. 2017)
5. Multiscale simulation of the striatal medium spiny neuron (Mattioni & Le Novere 2013)
6. Rat subthalamic projection neuron (Gillies and Willshaw 2006)
7. Schiz.-linked gene effects on intrinsic single-neuron excitability (Maki-Marttunen et al. 2016)

Re-display model names with descriptions