Models that contain the Cell : Abstract Morris-Lecar neuron

(A dynamical system of two nonlinear equations that is a simplified model of the higher dimensional Hodgkin-Huxley neuron.)
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1. A model for how correlation depends on the neuronal excitability type (Hong et al. 2012)
2. Dorsal root ganglion (primary somatosensory) neurons (Rho & Prescott 2012)
3. Dynamics of Spike Initiation (Prescott et al. 2008)
4. Epileptic seizure model with Morris-Lecar neurons (Beverlin and Netoff 2011)
5. Frog second-order vestibular neuron models (Rossert et al. 2011)
6. Loss of phase-locking in non-weakly coupled inhib. networks of type-I neurons (Oh and Matveev 2009)
7. Modeling epileptic seizure induced by depolarization block (Kim & Dykamp 2017)
8. Morris-Lecar model of the barnacle giant muscle fiber (Morris, Lecar 1981)
9. Multiscale modeling of epileptic seizures (Naze et al. 2015)
10. Pyramidal neurons switch from integrators to resonators (Prescott et al. 2008)
11. Reliability of Morris-Lecar neurons with added T, h, and AHP currents (Zeldenrust et al. 2013)
12. Reverberatory bursts propagation and synchronization in developing cultured NNs (Huang et al 2016)
13. The activity phase of postsynaptic neurons (Bose et al 2004)

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