Models that contain the Neuron : Neostriatum spiny indirect pathway neuron

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1. Biologically Constrained Basal Ganglia model (BCBG model) (Lienard, Girard 2014)
2. Cortico-striatal plasticity in medium spiny neurons (Gurney et al 2015)
3. Endocannabinoid dynamics gate spike-timing dependent depression and potentiation (Cui et al 2016)
4. Learning intrinsic excitability in Medium Spiny Neurons (Scheler 2014)
5. Striatal NN model of MSNs and FSIs investigated effects of dopamine depletion (Damodaran et al 2015)
6. Synchronicity of fast-spiking interneurons balances medium-spiny neurons (Damodaran et al. 2014)

Re-display model names with descriptions