Models that contain the Model Type : Extracellular

(Extracellular voltages or chemical concentrations. Models in the context of the extracellular space.)
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1. 5-neuron-model of neocortex for producing realistic extracellular AP shapes (Van Dijck et al. 2012)
2. A detailed and fast model of extracellular recordings (Camunas-Mesa & Qurioga 2013)
3. A model for recurrent spreading depolarizations (Conte et al. 2017)
4. Biophysical model for field potentials of networks of I&F neurons (beim Graben & Serafim 2013)
5. CA1 pyramidal neurons: effect of external electric field from power lines (Cavarretta et al. 2014)
6. CA3 Network Model of Epileptic Activity (Sanjay et. al, 2015)
7. Changes of ionic concentrations during seizure transitions (Gentiletti et al. 2016)
8. Dipolar extracellular potentials generated by axonal projections (McColgan et al 2017)
9. Dipole Localization Kit (Mechler & Victor, 2012)
10. Effect of ionic diffusion on extracellular potentials (Halnes et al 2016)
11. Effects of Chloride accumulation and diffusion on GABAergic transmission (Jedlicka et al 2011)
12. Electrodiffusive astrocytic and extracellular ion concentration dynamics model (Halnes et al. 2013)
13. Ephaptic coupling in passive cable and MSO neuron models (Goldwyn & Rinzel 2016)
14. Ephaptic interactions in olfactory nerve (Bokil et al 2001)
15. Extracellular Action Potential Simulations (Gold et al 2007)
16. Glutamate diffusion and AMPA receptor activation in the cerebellar glomerulus (Saftenku 2005)
17. Impedance spectrum in cortical tissue: implications for LFP signal propagation (Miceli et al. 2017)
18. Large-scale model of neocortical slice in vitro exhibiting persistent gamma (Tomsett et al. 2014)
19. Modeling extracellular electrical stimulation (Tahayori et al. 2012)
20. Modeling local field potentials (Bedard et al. 2004)
21. Modeling single neuron LFPs and extracellular potentials with LFPsim (Parasuram et al. 2016)
22. Modulation of hippocampal rhythms by electric fields and network topology (Berzhanskaya et al. 2013)
23. Myelinated nerve fibre myelin resistance dependent on extracellular K+ level (Brazhe et al. 2010)
24. Network model with dynamic ion concentrations (Ullah et al. 2009)
25. Reconstructing cerebellar granule layer evoked LFP using convolution (ReConv) (Diwakar et al. 2011)
26. The virtual slice setup (Lytton et al. 2008)
27. Theoretical reconstrucion of field potentials and dendrodendritic synaptic...(Rall & Shepherd 1968)

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