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(MCell, makes it possible to incorporate high resolution ultrastructure into models of ligand diffusion and signaling, and has evolved from experimental and theoretical work of the MCell gang: Joel Stiles (Biomedical Applications, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Miriam Salpeter (Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell University), Edwin Salpeter (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Cornell University), and Thomas Bartol and Terrence Sejnowski (Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, Salk Institute).)
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1.  Active zone model of Ca2+ secretion coupling (Keller et al. 2015)
2.  Analytical modelling of temperature effects on an AMPA-type synapse (Kufel & Wojcik 2018)
3.  Modeling temperature changes in AMPAR kinetics (Postlethwaite et al 2007)

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