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(Saber® software simulates physical effects in different engineering domains (hydraulic, electronic, mechanical, thermal, etc.) as well as signal-flow algorithms and software control. Saber is used in the automotive, aerospace, power and IC industries to simulate and analyze systems, sub-systems and components under a variety of different operational and environmental conditions. This dramatically improves design reliability while reducing the need for physical prototypes.)
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1.  Proximal inhibition of Renshaw cells (Bui et al 2005)
Inhibitory synaptic inputs to Renshaw cells are concentrated on the soma and the juxtasomatic dendrites. In the present study, we investigated whether this proximal bias leads to more effective inhibition under different neuronal operating conditions. Using compartmental models based on detailed anatomical measurements of intracellularly stained Renshaw cells, we compared the inhibition produced by GABAA synapses when distributed with a proximal bias to the inhibition produced when the same synapses were distributed uniformly. See paper for more and details.

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