Models that contain the Cell : Spinal cord motor neuron fast fatiguing

(Burke, R. E., Levine, D. N., Tsairis, P., & Zajac, F. E. (1973). Physiological types and histochemical profiles in motor units of cat gastrocnemius. Journal of Physiology, 234, 723–748.)
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1.  Simulation system of spinal cord motor nuclei and assoc. nerves and muscles (Cisi and Kohn 2008)
A Web-based simulation system of the spinal cord circuitry responsible for muscle control is described. The simulator employs two-compartment motoneuron models for S, FR and FF types, with synaptic inputs acting through conductance variations. Four motoneuron pools with their associated interneurons are represented in the simulator, with the possibility of inclusion of more than 2,000 neurons and 2,000,000 synapses. ... Inputs to the motoneuron pool come from populations of interneurons (Ia reciprocal inhibitory interneurons, Ib interneurons, and Renshaw cells) and from stochastic point processes associated with descending tracts. ... The generation of the H-reflex by the Ia-motoneuron pool system and its modulation by spinal cord interneurons is included in the simulation system.

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