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(CalC ("Calcium Calculator") is a modeling tool for integrating the 3D reaction-diffusion problem (or the corresponding reduced 1D and 2D problems) arising in biophysical modeling of intracellular calcium dynamics. CalC simulates the entry of calcium into a volume through point-like channels, and its diffusion, buffering and binding to calcium receptors.)
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1.  Ca2+ current versus Ca2+ channel cooperativity of exocytosis (Matveev et al. 2009)
2.  Facilitation model based on bound Ca2+ (Matveev et al. 2006)
3.  Facilitation through buffer saturation (Matveev et al. 2004)
4.  New and corrected simulations of synaptic facilitation (Matveev et al. 2002)
5.  Permeation and inactivation of CaV1.2 Ca2+ channels (Babich et al. 2007)
6.  Stochastic automata network Markov model descriptors of coupled Ca2+ channels (Nguyen et al. 2005)
7.  Transmitter release and Ca diffusion models (Yamada and Zucker 1992)

Re-display model names with descriptions