Models that contain the Modeling Application : CellML (web link to model) (Home Page)

(The purpose of CellML is to store and exchange computer-based biological models.)
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1.  A multiscale approach to analyze circadian rhythms (Vasalou & Henson, 2010) (CellML)
2.  A nicotinic acetylcholine receptor kinetic model (Edelstein et al. 1996)
3.  A phantom bursting mechanism for episodic bursting (Bertram et al 2008)
4.  An integrative dynamic model of brain energy metabolism (Coultier et al 2009)
5.  Bursting in dopamine neurons (Li YX et al 1996)
6.  Ca2+ Oscillations in Sympathetic neurons (Friel 1995)
7.  Dependence of neuronal firing on astroglial membrane transport mechanisms (Oyehaug et al 2012)
8.  Ionic current model of a Hypoglossal Motoneuron (Purvis & Butera 2005)
9.  Mechanisms of extraneuronal space shrinkage (Ostby et al 2009)
10.  Pacemaker neurons and respiratory rhythm generation (Purvis et al 2007)
11.  Quantitative model of sleep-wake dynamics (Phillips & Robinson 2007)
12.  Sleep deprivation in the ascending arousal system (Phillips & Robinson 2008)
13.  Universal feature of developing networks (Tabak et al 2010) (CellML)

Re-display model names with descriptions